ZoomFish Gadgets / Iphone 5 not payment

order ref: 39603
order date: 14.3.16
I sent my perfect condition iphone 5 16g to this company in a prepaid envelope, they received it and on checking they said it had some problems and recalculated the amount owing, I accepted as I am not technical.

They don't answer the phone nor do they reply to emails, I have received no monies what so ever and have found out there are many more people out there in the same situation! They claim to be charity run by Interact chelmsford ltd (1048631) and also trade under another name of MillraceIT ltd.
The only thing I can send you is the invoice and confirmation emails
I just feel this company is operation some scam and deceiving the general public in effect stealing our property.

ZoomFish Gadgets
ZoomFish Gadgets

Mar 29, 2016

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