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Contact information:

Date of the Incident: February 24 - February 28, 2017 ( rented the car and returned)
Client number: +[protected] (Bianca Perez)
Full description of the incident:

-Reserved the car via internet on February 24 (morning)
-Writer went to car rental office at 9pm, weather was cold, rain showers mixed with icey snow. Writer tried to cancel car rental, rental option was to pay $400+ with tax for cancellation. Tried to ask for explanation why cancellation is not allowed it was booked less than 24 hours (crew said regulations without proper explanation and forced writer to rent the car instead)
-Service crew, didn't properly explained conditions just said extra kilometers was needed to be payed if exceeded. Writer and client was the one who looked for better options because there not helping client to look for good options
-Forced to take a rented car from them due to no other options.
-Car was not properly checked with crew due to bad weather condition, rushed(raining hard and snow)

Upon Return, after 4 days of rental: February 28, 2017, 8am

-Client was informed that damage about 2 inches small scratch under the car rim was found.
-Writer was trying to inform and explain crew and manager about situation and negotiate for options.
-crew and manager "Nash" was rude and threatened writer that will he will make it difficult for us (clients) if reported and commented bad reviews in the internet.
-writer tried to convince and negotiate to crew that proper customer service must be given not being begged for.
-they sent email on the on the damage was cost for $741.98

Desirable resolution of Complaint:
-Writer and client would like to ask for proper cost estimation of the damage resolutions and pricing.
-Cost for materials was labeled on the receipt was $126.00 and labour cost was $438.00
-writer and client was not convice of the priced estimate that the company had sent need more information and help on this kind of disputable incident.

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Zoom Rent-A-Car
Zoom Rent-A-Car
Zoom Rent-A-Car

Mar 17, 2017

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