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I recently created account on the website, but the moderators here were real jerks. They could block you or came to your chat and started to bully or troll you. I tried to complaint, but everything was deleted. You need to pay for VIP or any other status if you want the moderators to be more respectful. Don’t advise you. Share this info and post comments about your situations.

Mar 12, 2014
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  • Za
      19th of Mar, 2014

    I personally use Zocialized every day as I have for about a year and a half. And of this course of time I was never bullied by Moderators, of course there are those who like to joke around, for example Joe, but otherwise they're fairly nice. And having VIP means nothing on the site, I only started buying myself VIP back in January, and before that I had 0 issues. Also, Zocialized is merged with more than 1 website, so the Moderator could have been from one of the other 2. I personally have talked and kiked to all of the Zocialized Moderators of every type, and never been bullied or such. And when you day 'talk about your situations' you could possibly mean talking about suicide or death. Which of course if you had read the Chat Rules or ToS, then you would know that you aren't aloud to speak about those things in a Chat Room, there are suicide hot lines for that. I believe you're a little butt hurt that you got banned from a Chat Room, but it happens to all of us. The Moderators are there to help, they'd never do anything to cause a person grief, that's why they're trusted with their job.


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  • Zo
      25th of Jun, 2014

    I am neutral some MODS are awesome and like to joke around, and some are bullies and just become MODS to ban people. Zocialized is a website used to make friends, socialize, and have fun. Some of these MODS are to serious about their job. I have been banned 6 times, most of them for the stupidest reasons. Most of them are even without a warning or not done properly. These pictures I attached are examples of the corruption of ocialized. During this conversation someone asked me what kind of cookies this moderator was eating. I said They are not good they are Mexican. Thats like me saying they are not good they are oatmeal. The site moderator decides to give me a sexual warning which was a mistake. Okay first off, if you are a MOD, especially a site moderator you should know the rules. This is not the first time this MOD mixed up rules

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