Zlatka Russinova, Boston University / SHOPLIFTING anf fraud

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Zlatka L. Russinova, a bulgarian immigrant, with bulgarian PhD, currently working at Occupational Therapy and Psych Rehabilitation departments at Sargent College, Boston University, is a renown SHOPLIFTER. The surveillance cameras of Shaw's, Marshall, Staples, CVS, and other supermarkets have her. Besides of her shoplifting crime, she also commits multiple crimes at Boston University, such as research fraud, research fund embezzlement, falsehood, slanders and libels her coworkers. Having limited intellectual capacities and being extremely unprofessional, her only method to remain in the workforce is to fraud and fool others, by conducting embarrassingly stupid studies, such as Photovoice, laughter yoga, or mental health providers' competence improving nonsenses. Poor Boston University, that has been reduced to that level...While millions of Americans struggle to find a job, degenerate criminals like Zlatka Russinova get paid for fraud or for doing nothing.

I am Marina Noble from Watertown, MA, and I posted this because Zlatka Russinova has harmed me, too. In 2010, together with Sally E Rogers, Zlatka Russinova was about to be caught in crime of theft of BU funds and NIDRR funds. This is because their former postdoc had successfully completed her program and her own research studies, and had timely returned the unused funds to BU treasury. Zlatka Russinova, Sally Rogers, and Carol Crawford did not want to give away that unused funds thus they committed to document falsifications and false reports of "usage of funds" to keep the money for their other needs. The dean of Sargent College, Gloria Waters, was aware of that.

Like a default way of survival in state of MA, anyone who is about to be caught in a big crime immediately submits a defensive police report of "criminal harassment" against the person who reveals their crime. In order to cover themselves for the upcoming shame, Zlatka Russinova and Sally Rogers slandered their postdoc, immitiated her signature after she had completed the program and was no longer at BU and had no idea what they were doing behind her back. ZLatka Russinova and Sally Rogers, used her name to forge documents in research to cover themselves and meantime found that wicked karine martirosyan, to testify (falsely) against their postdoc, by submitting at BU police some fabricated case of "email harassment." The postoc had all copies of signed informed consent of all research participants to prove how much she has used the funds and had receipts of the returned funds to prove that she had accurately returned all the unused funds back. But she was now in a different state and this circumstance was used by Zlatka Russinova to falsify anything she could as the postdoc was residing in a different state, something Zlatka had found out by scam emails she was sending to that postdoc.. When the BU policse asked Zlatka Russinova and Karine Martirosyan, why they did not sue the postoc if they thought she was slandering them, they lied saying that "they wanted to sue, but that postdoc had FLED .." This primitive, false and again, defenstive statement was too cruel, because that postdoc was living in a different state long before these criminal would group -attack or her and she had not idea what these criminals where doing behind her back... Everyone knows that dirty, dark (as dark as Zlatka Russinova), conspicuous and malicious case of a group crime against a postdoc, a single mom.

When Zlatka's plans did not work out and she was however, caught in crimes at BU and everyone was pointing at her, she then found me, as I too envied and hated that postdoc. Zlatka Russinova personally asked me to slander that postdoc from the "word of my mouth" so she could "prove"at local BU police department that she was not guilty, that the "postdoc's statements were untrue" and that she was right... A common Massachusetts defensive tactics...

By asking me to slander their former postdoc by multiple internet posts, Zlatka Russinova (PhD) - the shoplifter, promised me to give some per diem job in "mental health research" (as I was unemployed and hungry). Once she had a good use of me in slandering their former postdoc with hundreds of posts, she then betrayed me and did nothing for me. The same she did with karine martirosyan and paul noroian back in 2010: used them and kicked them out... I am sorry for all the suffering I have caused that former postdoc and her child. She is an innocent and bright woman. Zlatka Russinova used my ill-mind and weaknesses. My end is in hell, where a cell is guaranteed for me to share with Zlatka Russinova (she will be my hell-roommate in the hell-basement).

Oct 11, 2013

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  • Ka
      May 05, 2016

    We can't agree more. Zlatka Russinova is busted and outdated.

    Signed by:
    Karine Martirosyan (Westborough, MA)
    Paul Noroian (Worcester MA-on migration schedule)
    Maria Restrepo Toro (Worcester, Umass active visitor-volunteer, Paul's friend)
    Zlad Russinoff (Bulgaria)
    Ara-Gyotik Khachatryan (Brooklyn, NY)
    Marina Noble (Watertown, MA)
    Mardaspan Noblyan (Watertown, MA)
    Nepadoite Dukhom (NE)
    Porutchik Gallicin (ID)
    Cornet Obolensky (DC)
    Naleite Vina ! (MT).

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  • Fb
      Jul 12, 2018


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  • Us
      Jul 30, 2018

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    @Be It Known Barev, barev, [censor]... [censored] U! Hehehe...

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  • Sl
      Jun 12, 2019

    Some of the comments above, threatening Naira, is right from the Lucifer's Illuminati's mouth, conveyed by Marina Noble (from Watertown/MA, currently fled to West Yarmouth/MA) . Marina Noble (so too her idiot unemoplyable husband William R Noble, so too her ugly daughter Azniv Shahverdyan, so too their criminal friends Karine M. Martirosyan and Paul Noroian - now divorced and of course Zlatka-Slutka Russinova and E. Sally Rogers) all are members of the Church of Satan. That made them fight a woman (from GA) with pure Christian faith. This court is beyond a dispute of wrong and right. It is the EVIL fighting the Christ.

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  • Bu
      Jun 12, 2019

    Once again, look at Marina Noble's picture, who is Zlatka (Slutka) Russinova's closest friend now. And also see Ara Khachatryan's pictures, the dingbat troll who messaged to Dori Hutchinson to start a plot against Naira ( a person who bothers these satans by her power, knowledge, intelligence, and kindness).

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  • Us
      Jun 28, 2019

    Ara's only job ever:

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  • Ca
      Jul 06, 2019

    You are weak, Marina "Noble". You are worthless to us. 😆😆😆😆😆

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