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I placed and order with zkarlo ( via ebay - the order arrived - it was wrong - they shipped the wrong products though the correct item was clearly pictured on the order form. I immediately contacted the company regarding the mistake - asked them to send the correct item that was still being advertised on ebay. Asked that they ship the correct items immediately so the items I bought to replace the failed shipment could be returned. To replace the incorrect items on Christmas eve cost me an additional $75.00. They didn't do this, failed to communicate and did not credit my account. I contacted ebay, they sent a return label. I shipped back the incorrect items - BUT the company said the item was never shipped! I was not given a credit. It's taken me a month and a half to resolve this problem - zkarlo took my money, sent the wrong items which were returned (and cost much less than the items I ordered), kept my money, and stopped communicating! I invested more money to replace the failed shipment, and have spent literally over 10 hours to get this resolved. I've sent numerous emails and made several calls in an effort to get my money back, having to work with ebay, zkarlo, my bank, and Pay Pal. I've gotten a credit (from Pay Pal) for the initial amount but am out an extra $75 because of zkarlo's negligence and bad business practices. I placed the order 12/21/09 and this issue was partially resolved 2/5/10.


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  • Zk
      17th of Feb, 2010

    Reply be zkarlo support.

    Yes, the wrong items were sent by mistake. We needed nothing returned. If the buyer had simply emailed we would have sent out the correct items. We did not even need the intercoolers returned. The buyer instead got angry, sent multiple rude emails and immediately opened an eBay dispute. eBay had the buyer return the items and a full refund was given. This person is angry that we didn't refund her an additional $75 on top of the full refund because she had to pay that much more than our price to buy her items locally.

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  • Dh
      11th of Nov, 2010

    I have the exact same experience with ZKarlo. First they listed the GPS I purchased as new on eBay and what I received was refurbished. I just asked for some missing components and decided to not cringe. Later found that GPS started hanging and had to return. I received another refurbished item but it had so old maps that the GPS was practically useless. I had to ship back again but got the exact same part back. Then I contact for the third time and ZKarlo offered me refund and I gladly accepted. But now that I have shipped the GPS back and ZKarlo acknowledges that it has been received, I am yet to see my money. I kept pinging for months over email and finally had to threaten that I will complain to eBay and that made them respond but the response was that it's so long now that they can't refund though they can ship that gps back to me. What good is a GPS that has map version that even ZKarlo acknowledges they don't recognize? I am going to report this on

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  • Mu
      17th of Jan, 2011

    I am currently going through the same thing with this company, my 17 yr old Son purchased a ps3 and the first was damaged and you could not play, it on-line.
    The Controllers were also broken we sent it all back they bragged there heels on a replacement.
    The second had no Audio/ Video my Son had to go out and buy his own controllers... and he returned the unit no one was was there to accept, , , they said they would refund his money now they are saying it is past the 85 days... cut off period... What a load of Rubbish... This Company should not Trusted and anyone who reads this should be aware of this ... they now have his money and the PS3... I have demanded my Son's Money back... This is not how you treat Minors...

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  • Vh
      21st of Jan, 2011

    I purchased a guitar hero work band kit from ZKarlo or and paid for expedient shipping of $33 to have it shipped within 2-9 days. The product was listed as like new, and was supposed to include the game, complete drum set, mic, and guitar. They claimed to have shipped it on the 30th of December, but not get here till the 20th of January! I tried to be patient, but the items were not like new, they were dusty and dirty, and to top it all off, they didn't even include the high hat or cymbals so the drums don't work! I waited over 3 weeks for a package that should have been here in at most over a week, and when it did get here, important pieces were missing! I had to go out and buy replacement parts because of their incompetence. I sent them an email, I don't expect anything back. I don't recommend using their company. You will be wasting your time and money.

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  • Zk
      18th of Feb, 2011

    Vhill1015 The USPS Parcel post shipping option you chose to HI can take up to 6 weeks to deliver -check You received $19.48 refund for the items you had to purchase and we would have sent them to you free of charge.
    muncie Please read the return policy-returned item 90 days after purchase- all returns must be made within 60 days
    Dhawal purchased item Feb 2010 and tried returning it in October 2010 Returns policy is clearly stated on all items listed for sale

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  • Zk
      18th of Feb, 2011

    muncie was shipped an upgraded PS3 on 2/8 which included a free extra controller as well - I hope she removes her negative comment that was left here

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  • At
      18th of May, 2011

    I bought from Zkarlo through ebay from Krazee Deals. They shipped a phone, it didn't work, so I sent it back and they shipped another. Phone was supposed to have been "tested" but 2 buttons didn't even work. Poor customer service, poor product testing, poor company. A refund was issued, but only after I spent $10 shipping it back to them twice (on a $30 purchase). WATCH OUT!! They don't pay for return shipping.

    I would never do business with them again.

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  • Sc
      27th of May, 2011

    I bought a Wii Rockband for my son's birthday in March 2010. First, they sent me equipment that didn't work. I tried to contact their customer service department with no reply, so I sent it back via UPS and ZKarlo stated I never sent anything back to them...I had UPS investigate and it was signed for by their company. I was never contacted - NOTHING! I FINALLY got ahold of someone from their company and they stated they would send me out another 1. It was received and once again the guitar didn't work (and still doesn't to this day) and I haven't been able to contact anyone FOR MONTHS!! So this has been going on over a YEAR my son still doesn't have a rockband like he wanted and I'm out of $225. I just want to return this item and get my money back...I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!! THIS IS A WARNING FOR EVERYONE THAT EVEN THINKS ABOUT DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY - YOU WILL NEVER HEAR BACK FROM THEM!!!

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  • Va
      30th of Aug, 2011 - fraud
    United States

    Already paid for an eBay item number #360384098779, zkarlo open a case for unpaid item and not ship my item.. they even won't respond my message.. beware everyone..

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  • Jo
      2nd of Sep, 2011

    can someone post their phone number I am having the same problem getting a defective item replaced.

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  • De
      26th of Oct, 2011

    ZKarlo eBay Sales

    (952) 890-5628
    12002 12th Ave S,
    MN 55337-1406Z
    I made a complaint against ZKarlo for non refund or replacement of faulty product
    In a nutshell I ordered an e-book reader.I received it but it did not work properly. They instructed me to return it, which I did, and they replaced.
    The replacement acted exactly the same and did not work. Again they said to return it for a refund. Which I did.
    a day later I get this from them :-
    Dear xxxxxxxx,
    We do apologize for any issues your having with the item. We would love to get our feedback revised from the negative comment that you left us to a positive. We are willing to offer a $25 refund for you on this purchase and we would even be willing to let you keep everything without having to return it. Please let us know if that is satisfactory and we can send the feedback revision request to you.

    eBay is our full time business and with the economy in slow-down it is effecting everyone. We depend on our eBay sales to pay our daily expenses and are trying to keep our eBay standing as best as possible. If you have any further questions please email our customer support directly at [protected]

    I replied saying I had sent it back already.
    Further e-mails to them got the response that they could not do anything without the eBay item number of my purchase and my eBay user ID please? Which was sent a number of times.
    Then they stopped answering my e mails.
    I lodged a complaint with the better business bureau in Mn. They contacted ZKarlo and got the answer. to quote'
    they state they did not enter into a contractual agreement with you OR they have chosen to voluntarily walk away from the job prior to any work being done.
    plus they did enter into a contract by accepting my money. They contracted to sell the product.
    They did not voluntarily walk away from the job prior to any work being done because they sent 2 faulty products that were returned. .
    I can not give a warning any better than the one above. to quote

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  • Ea
      24th of Jul, 2014

    y daughter purchased a Jawbone for me last December as gift for me from ebay seller in Burnsville, Mn.

    It worked for a couple of weeks but then quit working right. I returned in Jan for a replacement. It did not work as well as the first one so I packaged it up and finally returned it in late Feb or Mar asking for a full refund.

    The first contact for a replacement was very prompt and courteous. Although it was totally via email.

    However, I have made numerous complaints directly to zKarlo with absolutely NO response since returning the second one.

    I may very well spend more than the $85.oo lost just to get them to tell me they refuse to do anything.

    I don't have any beef with ebay except that at this point I haven't figured out how to complain back thru their site.

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