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Dear Madam / Sir,

We, Falcon International are a reputed importer of chemical pesticides and agricultural equipment from China. Our company is involved in Merchanting trade, which means we buy from China and export to African countries, without the goods touching Indian shores. We have been buying from China for over four years and our performance and business in China has been impeccable. Our performance records are available with SINOSURE, and will tell you of our business volumes as well as professionalism.

With great regret we wish to inform you that a Chinese company recently cheated us, by supplying us totally sub-standard and inferior quality goods. The company details are as under,

Zhengzhou P&B Chemical Co. Ltd
Address: No. 58 Chenxu Road, Zhengzhou, China
Tel: +86-371-[protected]

The short summery of their shameful behavior is as under,

1. We were in communication with this company since October 2011, for the supply of Caustic Soda Flakes.
2. Through numerous email and chat communications, we had made it clear that we require Caustic Soda Flakes, with a purity of minimum 99%
3. They send us a Proforma invoice and specification sheet, dated 09th December 2011, both clearly claiming their product to be “flakes” and to be 99% pure. (Attachments can be sent on request)
4. Based on their assurances and promises, we opened an LC on them on 16th December 2011 for the supply of 42 MTS Caustic Soda Flakes min 99%. (Attachments can be sent on request)
5. After the LC was opened, the company started telling us that the freight rates had gone up and we needed to pay them USD 840 extra for increased freight rates. Though the LC was already issued, we agreed to pay them extra money in good faith. (We have several of their email communication to prove this and we can supply you the same on request)
6. They shipped 42 MTS of goods on the 02nd of January and send us the documents on email. All their documents show the product to be Caustic Soda Flakes minimum 99%. (Attachments can be sent on request)
7. The goods reached Zimbabwe (the final destination of the goods) on the 07th of March 2012.
8. We were shocked to find the following disparities in the material;

a. The bags were not 25 Kg bags, and the weight varied from 18 Kgs to 21 Kgs.
b. The material was not in flake form, but in powder form.
c. The purity of the material was obviously very low, since our people could handle the material with their bare hands. As you would be aware, one cannot touch Caustic Soda Flakes with their bare hands, since it will burn the skin. We have the pictures of the same, taken while unloading the cargo at the destination.
d. Suspecting foul play, we requested our Zimbabwe counterparts to get the material analyzed.
e. We analyzed the material (through random sampling) from the Standards Association of Zimbabwe and were shocked to see that the product had a purity of 0.51%, as against the promised purity of 99% minimum. (Attachments can be sent on request)

9. It is obvious that we are a victim of a serious fraud from a fraudulent company in China. As an organization responsible for enhancing Chinese business interests all over the globe, we request you to kindly take up the matter with these fraudsters and cheats.
10. Such companies can only harm and tarnish the reputation of your great nation, as the manufacturing hub of the world. It is because of such companies and cheats that the Chinese reputation and goodwill suffers. Such companies tarnish your country’s good name as well as reputation for reliability. We believe that one such company can take away business worth millions or billions from your great country.
11. As a result of this cheating, we have lost in excess of USD 30, 000 towards the LC money paid to them, the clearance charges, inland freight, VAT and other duties, unloading charges, labor charges, and finally the dumping charges of the material. (We had no option but to dump the material, since it is nothing but sand and of no use to anyone). This is apart from losing face with our customer and losing business opportunities. We demand a compensation of USD 50, 000 from this company for cheating us and causing severe mental trauma to us apart from tarnishing our reputation and name.

We are relying on CCPIT to help us in this matter and thereby to restore our faith in Chinese companies. We believe that CCPIT needs to make a severe example of such fraudsters so that the image and reputation of China as a global and trustworthy hub for sourcing, can be maintained.

We await your response and thank you in anticipation.
For Falcon International,

Amar Rahalkar.
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New Bombay, 400614,

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