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Feb 3, 2017 I ordered a homeCam-z1000 from Zetronics. Waited 3 weeks before I called 2 times to find out where it was. NO answer. Emailed. nothing!
Emailed again at 4weeks. They emailed me and said they were waiting for product. I emailed them again and said cancel the order. % days later the product arrived. Now I am stuck with a product I can not get to work. I called hoping someone really works there and would answer the phone to help me .
No luck, same story, no answer. I'm thinking this is some distributor that works out of his garage and never answers the phone cause he has no technical knowledge. Whatever the problem is I plan to take this up with consumer affairs and my credit card company and somehow get my refund!!Order # [protected]. HomeCam-z1000.
Terrible Customer service Beware Folks!

Mar 16, 2017

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