Zero Plus Dialing, Inc / Bad customer service

This review is related to long distance collect calls from Alabama made through Zero Plus Dialing, Inc .
I accepted 3 calls for a total of 32 minutes and my bill totalled $148.70. Included in each call is a charge for "Federal Universal Service Fund" @ $3.50 for each 6 minute call (I had 2 6 minute calls) and $6.76 for a 20 minute call. In addition, for each call there is a charge for "USF Carrier Administrative Fee" @ $3.50 for the 3 calls. I was told that these are regulatory charges. If this company is regulated then why are they allowed to charge such rediculous rates?
When I spoke to the customer service department, including a manager I was told an adjustment of $37.48 would be made to my bill. This bill is still excessive!
What can you do to help me and others like me?


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