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Zenobia Decrespin / Bagge Claim Request # 07092009

1 84 Dewey Street, Worcester, MA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 508-459-9431


From: Zenobia Decsripin

Dear Customer Svs Baggage Dept,

Thank you for your prompt and recent response to my prior correspondence to your office. The information you have requested is located below for your conveyance and action. Please keep in mind not, only was ticket changed but taken away from me, and I was given a new one without my original receipt itemization / customer copy. Which is the Customer Sales Copy Receipt of all the departures thus Arrivals combined for the Customer only, not the Merchant copy? Though I am handicapped disabled I was instructed that they, the (Cincinnati) Ohio Greyhound Station would handle my luggage.

I have been instructed to notify The ADA, and L.A.C.C Legal Assistance Corp of MA. I really don’t want to do this. I love Greyhound, having no troubles in the past; I just really would like to have my luggage returned to my residence without complications, please. I just need my belongings they are my life!!! I need my clothes in my luggage, that’s all I have left entirely, since moving to MA.

Luggage Description per your requirement: Dark Green Duffle bag---Large. About 4 feet in diameter. Handicapped Tag Special ADA Priority for Bag Handlers. Over The Desk Baggage Tag Greyhound Service Counter with this address To: Zenoba Decrespin # 84 Dewey Street, Worcester, MA 01610 Home Phone [protected]. E-mail

Itinerey They Left With Me only, as follows. Please see information indicated below.

First Ticket # Below: Which in fact, where the only tickets left with me in my possession. All other tickets were taken, even sales customer receipt itemization schedule for customer copy only.

Bags Checked Descrespin Zenobia 06 July 2009 10:35pm Claim Bags At Memphis TN Nashville TN Cleveland OH Worcester DU618397 Bag Number Bag Number 1 of 1 Conf # 4677202

Second Ticket # DU641124

Bag Checked 08July09 06:38 pm Zenobia Descrespin

08 Jul 2009 08:55 am BOH Location Worcester, MA

Second Ticket # DU641124

COMF# : 48241769

Please help me with this problem, because I really need my duffle bag, as stated above. It is all I have left to my name, and my entire possessions were in it. I have no clothes to wear, no money, and no transportation currently. I am handicapped/disabled, with extremely hard difficulties in walking, traveling, exercising, and daily activity routine. I need assistance at times in order to try and maintain just ordinary lifestyle. That’s why I have Transportation / Mobility concerns. as a handicapped individual. Thank you so much for your time and sincere cooperation involving these matters. I truly appreciate all of help.

Very Truly Yours,

Zenobia Decrespin


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