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Zen Van Lines / Terrible experience

1 4514 Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd. Ste 284Atlanta, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 770-936-9991

This is a performance summary of Art of Zen Movers in my relocation to Sacramento from Roswell, GA. Their movers arrived 3 hours late, although I did receive a call at the last minute. Though paid to pack, the boxes packed by Zen appeared to be randomly packed, and though numbered, I never saw a list of what each box was. The loaders left behind my sofa and had to return.

When I secured a residence upon arrival, I called their offices at 2pm your time on Saturday, June 28th to schedule the delivery. Although your office was open for business and had 3 hours to go before closing, I received no return call. I called again on Monday, June 30, and was told by Paul Bedi he would get back to me on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, with the delivery dates. I called Wednesday, and was told the delivery had not yet been scheduled, but it would be finalized on Thursday, July 3. I did not receive a return call on July 3, even though I called and left a message within the hours the answering message indicated the business operated.

When I did finally get to speak to Paul Bedi, I was given a THREE day window for delivery (July 8, 9, or 10), but was assured it would be clarified early in the next week. By the way, I drove cross country in three days' time. I spoke to Paul again on Monday and was told it would be either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. I asked specifically for Thursday morning, since I had to be able to let the client I am working with (I am a contractor) know ahead of time when I would be out. Paul assured me this would work out very well for Zen as well, and I was assured the driver and crew would be there on Thursday. I was told to expect to hear from the driver.

The driver did not call until 10:15 Thursday morning, letting me know he was stopped for fuel in Boron, CA. Boron is 370 miles from my residence; he was at least a 6 to 7 hour drive away, meaning his delivery would not be remotely close to the agreed upon time. Thus, I lost a day's wages for absolutely no reason. Zen's position was, basically, that's too bad but they did not intend to do anything to ameliorate losses created by their inability to perform. The delivery for Thursday morning can be verified by the local moving company in Sacramento sub-contracted to unload the truck.

Thursday night, about 8:30, I received a call from the company that Zen subcontracted to unload the truck. At that point, I was already exhausted, and asked them to bring it in the morning. Even had they delivered, it would have been well after midnight on Friday morning before the job would be completed, and I would have missed work Friday anyway.

Upon inspecting the property I had moved, I discovered a part of my bedframe was missing (I have had to purchase another frame). My washing machine has a broken knob which now makes it difficult to use. I have one table that has been ruined (a brand new rolling table I use as a desk for a laptop). I am unable to locate an emergency radio, and a few pieces of computer equipment (specifically, a router is missing, and another has been broken.) I am missing tool sets, answering machines, clocks, lamps, and other items. I asked the mover to check with their Las Vegas customer, and they have not done so to my knowledge.

On my dining room table, paper is glued to one spot. One pet cage has been broken and is unusable. An office chair had a wheel broken. An HDTV will no longer come on. This is cursory, as far as damage goes. I have not yet gone through most of the boxes because my health makes progress slow.

I filed complaints with the DOT, and the Better Business Bureau in Atlanta . There is absolutely no point at which Zen performed in a manner consistent with good business practices. Zen has made it a habit to fail to return calls, to fail to be in contact at times they promised, and failed to deliver in a timely manner as promised. They have absolutely refused to make good on lost wages that were incurred due to their incompetence and lack of communication; their driver knew the DOT had pulled him off the road, but he did not notify the company or me (though he had my phone number) until late morning on July 10.

This has been a wretched effort on the part of Zen, and it should be seen as an embarrassment in an industry which people already hold great mistrust. In the case of Zen, that mistrust is well earned.

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      30th of Aug, 2008
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    I am in the middle of a very similar situation. Zen Van Lines picked up my stuff on July 23, and my target date was August 3. According to the agreement, ZVL promises to deliver within 10 days of the target date (in my case, Aug. 13). It's now Aug. 29 and I have no idea where my belongings are. When I call ZVL, they promise to call back with more information. I never get a call back. Day after day, they promise to call back, but I've never received a call. This has happened over 10 times.

    As far as I'm concerned, my stuff has been stolen. Zen Van Lines has made no attempt to reassure me or even stay in contact with me re: the location of my belongings.

    I am barely able to perform my work duties without my belongings. This company hijacks your stuff and ignores you. Now, when I call, no one even answers the phone (they must have caller ID). Yet, when my friend calls, they pick right up. They are dodgy and incompetent.

    Do not hire this company unless you are ready to have your life hijacked by a group of criminals.

  • Re
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    I just moved with Zen Van Lines on August 13th. It was a local move. They had to store my belongings for approximately 45 days. I am still trying to get them to pick up boxes that DO NOT belong to me. They charged double what they said and they hold your furniture hosage until they get their money in CASH. I missed 3 days of work because of there incompetence and not showing up. They have lied about everything they said they'd do. I have stuff damaged and they refuse to call or send a claim form. I have moved numerous times and this is the WORST experience I have ever had.

  • Dg
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    I agreen 100%, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I decided to use this company because of their cost, well I wish I would have paid more because it ended up costing me more in the long run. I was supposed to move on the 8/1, at 8am. My entire day was planned around the movers coming at 8am. At 7pm the night before they called to let me know that they wouldn't be there until 12pm. Ok, 4 hours wasn't that bad, but I was still upset, I was going out of town the next day, had errands to run and things to do, not to mention comcast and the alarm company were coming to the new apartment on the 1st, scheduled around the movers. To make an extremely long and frustrating story short, they showed up at 6:00 pm and were not finished until 12am on the 2nd. I corresponded throughout the day with people in the office, basically they told me I could wait until they got there, which they said 2pm at the latest, or get another mover. I should have done that too, still would have been cheeper. For somereason they didn't have storage space for a move that happened the day before so they ended up using their truck as storage, which left for hardly any room for my stuff (2 bedroom apartment, we moved less than a mile a way, with 3 movers - it took 6 hours, we did more from the 3rd to the 2nd floor but we don't have that much stuff) To continue, they hired some guy from another company to complete my move because they didn't have enough staff on that day (probably because all their employees realize how horrible this company is and quit) and this mover was terrible, he made me feel extremely uncomfortable, saying inappropriate things, asking inappropriate questions, only when I was alone. After everything was done we paid for a 3 hour move instead of a 6 hour move, we got $10.00 off and my DVD video camera was stolen (probably by the same sicko they hired for the day to do my move) I specifically placed the video camera in a certain spot the day of my move, after the move I went to go get it, the charge, the case, and the DVD that was in it were there, the camera gone! The other two movers had been working on 3 hours of sleep from the day before, they were exhausted and the office guy wrote a different time on my paperwork than what they actually worked so they wouldn't get charged from some federal moving company for overtime with their workers. The two other movers were awesome, I will say that. I did feel terrible about being a ### all day and nagging, but this was unacceptable, now I'm without a video camera on top of it all. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  • Mi
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    Paul Bedi (Zen Van Lines owner) created fraudulent corrupted system. He pays extra money for his drivers (Steve Miller and his brother-in-law, Also Steve), who mislead clients on truck size, weight and route of delivery. If his team arrived in standard 26’ Penske truck remember that total volume of the truck is less than 1700 cubic feet (not 2500 as their driver declares). The empty weight of the truck is 14, 000-16, 000 lbs (not 10, 000-12, 000 lbs since they disposition wheels at weigh station for 10% bonus). Be prepared that Paul will declare that his team was waiting for you for several hours ($100/h) and insisted on buying extra boxes at 10x price. If this looks familiar report directly to Atlanta division of FBI, Atlanta Division of Department of Transportation and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    Atlanta Office of FBI has already Zen Van Lines file. Call directly to their Atlanta office (404) 679-9000 and request agent to add information to Zen’s file, send them clear report. They are looking for additional information. You may call and send report to Thomas Marlow, Division Administrator at Georgia Division of DOT. Call their general number 678-284-5130 and request to talk directly to Thomas Marlow or his agents and file written report. His address is 1745 Phoenix Blvd, Suite 380, Atlanta GA 30349. They also have a file and collect information on Zen Van Lines and Paul Bedi.

    Also, do not hesitate to file a small claim trial at local courts. It costs just ~ $100, but may bring you back thousands of dollars.

    If you have worked for Zen Van Lines and had the same observations, please call directly to FBI and DOT and add your information to their files.

    Thank you

  • Ca
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    Please people...LISTEN TO OUR COMPLAINTS!!! Zen Van Lines dba Hunter Relocation is a complete ripoff! They charged me double weight and is still refusing to refund me the difference after I made their driver reweigh it! They told me that my items were 5000lbs, when they were in fact my items weighed a little under 2500 lbs. Paul Bedi and Jason are two crooks! Jason had a moving company that was driven out of business because of the same crooked practices

  • Mi
      27th of Nov, 2011
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    This company moved my in laws 3 miles, and it was the worst experience of their lives. The movers had broken several pieces of high dollar furniture, the men that came to move them were very small framed guys, and the furniture was overwhelming for them. They came late, and when they showed up, the price was different, the packing arrangement was different, but my in laws were in a bind and had to be out, so they had to go with what they were told. After the move, they then were told they had to pay cash, so I had to scramble and go to the ATM machine to w/d the cash I could there, and go to a couple grocery stores to see if I could cash a check, because it was so late at night. After months of trying to get thru to Paul, never returning my calls, and trying to get the insurance information, it was very unsuccessful. The couple times I did speak to Paul, he said the insurance company was working on it and it could take 6-8 weeks for the claim, that came and went, then he said he was sending them a check fo $300.00, that never happened either. I told him my in laws were very sick, and this was stressing them out even more. I finally gave up, we had too many health issues going on with them, that this moving issue was taking too much time away from me, and my energy would be served better, by concentrating on our family health issues. As far as I'm concerned, these folks are crooks and I am hoping they are out of business.
    I'm not sure who the insurance company was, or if there was any insurance. The total damages were approximately $700, and the $300 figure was something he said he would have been liable for, and the insurance company would have re-imbursed the rest.

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