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This the worst company I ever have seen. They are literally unethical. They follow the worst business practice. They virtually keep me hostile.

I have moved from Atlanta to Chicago. For moving my luggage, I gave contract to Zen Van Lines. I discussed with Paul Bedi (CEO of Zen Van Lines) about my luggage. It was less than 2000 lbs. He told me that there will flat $ 800/=. And they will come to pick up my luggage on October 31, 2008. They told me that they will come to pick up at 11:00 AM. But they came at 4:00 PM in the evening. Then, they charged $ 30/= extra for the boxes. At the tiem of pick up, I paid him $ 500/=. We have decided that your shipment will reach to Chicago by November 2, 2008 and if you are not able to take the delivery on November 2, 2008 then they will charge extra $ 100/= for the storage. After October 31, 2008, I called Paul Bedi a number of times but he never called me back. At last after calling at his office for 10 times, I was able to talk to him. He told me to send my address of Chicago. I sent him my address on November 11, 2008. Then he told me that I will have to pay $ 707/=. I was just get socked about this. He never told me even when they came to pick up my shipment. I asked him the reason. He gave me some stupid reasons and I can't be able to do anything since my shipment was with him. He told me that there was some additional luggage. But I know that the total weight of my shipment was less than 2000 lbs. And we have decided $ 100/= for the storage. But he charged additional $ 200/= for that also. He literally threatened me that if you want your luggage, give me the amount otherwise you will loose your shipment. Even after I told him to pay the amount which he told me, he took 4 days to deliver my shipment. The estimate included packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. But they didn't do unpacking. They just dump my shipment in my apartment. They didn't give me a form for the claiming.

I have moved for a number of times. But this was one of the worst exeperience of my life.

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      Jan 11, 2010

    Paul Bedi (Zen Van Lines owner) created fraudulent corrupted system. He pays extra money for his drivers (Steve Miller and his brother-in-law, Also Steve), who mislead clients on truck size, weight and route of delivery. If his team arrived in standard 26’ Penske truck remember that total volume of the truck is less than 1700 cubic feet (not 2500 as their driver declares). The empty weight of the truck is 14, 000-16, 000 lbs (not 10, 000-12, 000 lbs since they disposition wheels at weigh station for 10% bonus). Be prepared that Paul will declare that his team was waiting for you for several hours ($100/h) and insisted on buying extra boxes at 10x price. If this looks familiar report directly to Atlanta division of FBI, Atlanta Division of Department of Transportation and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    Atlanta Office of FBI has already Zen Van Lines file. Call directly to their Atlanta office [protected] and request agent to add information to Zen’s file, send them clear report. They are looking for additional information. You may call and send report to Thomas Marlow, Division Administrator at Georgia Division of DOT. Call their general number [protected] and request to talk directly to Thomas Marlow or his agents and file written report. His address is 1745 Phoenix Blvd, Suite 380, Atlanta GA 30349. They also have a file and collect information on Zen Van Lines and Paul Bedi.

    Also, do not hesitate to file a small claim trial at local courts. It costs just ~ $100, but may bring you back thousands of dollars.

    If you have worked for Zen Van Lines and had the same observations, please call directly to FBI and DOT and add your information to their files.

    Thank you

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