Zen Estilo VXI / nobody is taking care the complaints

1 India

I booked a car(Zen Estilo LXI black), through the dealer in Lucknow(one up motors), on 26th december 2009. I received the car after one and half month on 3rd Feb 2010, but I received VXI model and I have to pay 30000 extra money as well and if I am waitnig for the LXI model then I have to wait another one month. During this time dealer increased the price of the car @4000, I have to pay that as well. I complained this matter in the Maruti company and the dealer as well, but no one care abt it. Now again the problem is 10th Feb 2010, exactly 8 days after received the car. I have paid the full amount when I received the car. Untill today I didnt get my car that I cannot drive my car in the cities, as per gov rules. Who will hear it, who will give the proper training for this dealers...?

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