Zee Luke / Loan shark

1 Berkeley Californiamaybe Berkeley, US
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I received a call from E Loans a guy named David Morgan at [protected] ext 2408, they said my loan was approved for 2000 loan he kept asking me question I felt uneasy I said I will call you back, went to the found a Company located in New York at [protected], she said they are not given loans only checking and savings she knew there is some out there using EKOANS name, she said the Company is well aware, I proceed gave and submit a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Organization, I called the area code 510 somewhere at Calfornia they guy answered a lot of noise on the background, I said "no thanks I didn't need a loan" he said fine was very cautious and then after I hung up he called my number, I will wait and see what the Company does how do they have my information, probably given by other Companies, Internet is becoming a place for scams, but I will fight back even if I have to call the Military and Trump.
Be careful never give up call your State attorney, FTC, Better Business Bureau and any other organization to help.

Mar 20, 2017

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