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I placed an order for delivery for a Valentines Day gift on 02/13/07. I maneuvered through the www.zchocolate website, I made a few modifications, saved all changes and entered my credit card information.

I received an email confirming my order. I made the order the day prior to Valentines Day and realized there was no way possible it would be delivered on time. The company offered an additional service, and would have a concierge contact the recipient explaining the gift they would soon be receiving. On the 14th I went in to check the shipping status and found that they did not show I had placed any orders. I checked my email and found the company had sent an additional email stating that because I did not confirm a modification the order had not been placed. I immediately responded to the email in an attempt to save my Valentine order and got no response. I called the CS number and received a "we are either away from our desks or on the other line, leave your name and number and we will return your call shortly." No calls received. I sat by the phone and hit redial at least 20-30 times, no one ever picked up. For a chocolate delivery company not to have adequate CS coverage on Valentines Day is beyond negligent, it’s bad business.


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  • Ti
      18th of Mar, 2008

    I was thinking of using this service. Did they ever deliver the chocolates?

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  • An
      11th of May, 2008

    I disagree. I have had a similar experience but with a different result. In 2004, I ordered an anniversary box of chocolates and was told that it would arrive in time (Houston, Texas). As the day approached and no chocolates, I emailed, inquiring. They responded that it had been sent out in time, but something must have happened in shipping and that they were sending out a new box immediately. I knew that they could not get it to my wife in time and they responded that they would call her in the morning of our anniversary and tell her that a "special gift" was coming. Sure enough, on our anniversary my wife got a call direct from France and this little french girl, in broken english, explained that her beautiful husband would be giving my wife something special the next day. The second box arrived and the contents were beautiful. We, of course, had no charge for the late chocolates. A week later, a courier came to our door and tried to get us to sign a statement that we had received the first box of chocolates! Of course, we declined and I hope that the shipper lost zchocoate as a client.

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  • Mi
      17th of Apr, 2009

    This company is the BEST, the chocolates are exquisit and the Service is fantastic, they always care about your purchase as they know the importance of gifts & events. They treat you as if you were the most precious client and they respond almost inmediatly to your emails offering the best options for your gift no matter that you live in the furthest place on earth and if this is not enough... they speak your languaje! Definetly one of the best options for your important celebrations!

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  • Ke
      5th of May, 2010

    unfortunately i also disagree w the complaint above..ive been using several delivery service during the past years and hands down- zchocolat has BY FAR, The BEst Customer service and profesionalism i had ever encountered. its amazing, as mentioned above on a prior comment, how they treat you like the "most precious client". they ensure you are pleased with the service you are recieving-emails asking if you need more help..timely replies if you have any questions. and veryvery respectful..very professional.i had referred the company with many peers and coworkers and they feel the same way. Zchocolat goes Above and Beyond in every aspect of their business. 10/10 customer service, amazxing website, prompt delivery time..the list can go on and on..this company is definitely one of the best in waht they're we say in the military, STRONG WORK.this company is really at the top my list. oher companies should take a leaf out of their book.

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  • Ma
      26th of Aug, 2010

    Yes I have to agree with the other complainer...I had a similar very bad experience with zchocolat. I ordered for my wife's birthday present this past march, and the order was paid and confirmed for 2 day priority. When it did not arrive on the 3rd day, I tried to call customer service and was rudely cut off with basically a " when it gets there, it gets there" type of response. ...VERY unprofesional, and I would be very wary of these people!

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  • Zc
      23rd of Sep, 2010

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to give your feedback regarding customer service, whether it is positive or negative. We learn from our mistakes.

    I was able to retrieve Amanda’s order in our logs back in 2007. You indeed placed your order on 2007-02-13 2:57:56 AM GMT+1, an order number was given to you. Two minutes after placing the order, you changed your mind and placed your order back in your shopping cart to make modifications but omitted to record your modifications which is why we actually never received your final order with your changes. The original order was on hold. On 2007-02-13 4:09:25 AM GMT+1, we sent you an email explaining that you had an order pending with unsaved changes but did not receive your response. When you called us on 2/13, we were very busy – I wished you had left a voice mail message though, we would have called you back as soon as we were off the phone. We were definitely short-staffed that day and I apologize. We have since learned from our mistakes.

    As for MarkQ’s comment, this is so "un-zChocolate", I am surprised and wished I knew who you spoke to.

    We have been in business since 1999 and Customer Service is an area where we put a lot of attention and effort, if sometimes we miss the mark, please consider these incidents as exceptional for they do not reflect the level of attention given to hundreds of zChocolat customers daily. Thank you.

    Feel free to contact us directly on [protected], we respond to all messages within a few hours.

    Nathalie Bach
    zChocolat CS Manager

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  • Mo
      13th of Apr, 2011

    Nathalie, I have been a customer since 2004. I have placed many orders and have never had the experience of bad customer service. I once order chocolates I didn't like but that wasn't your fault. I find your customer service phenomenal.

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  • He
      11th of Apr, 2012

    Dear all,
    I had the worst experience ever, after I made the order in 2 march and paid everything and the shipment fees, they sent me today another invoice saying that there was extra charges for shipment, what is the hell, from where this charges came from and why they didn’t notify me while setting the order or even when the packed reached my country, I will not pay more and really shame on you for this very bad experience, instead of building a loyal customer you are making him regret dealing with you guys, I am sooo angry

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  • He
      19th of May, 2012

    Actually after the previous situation happened with the chocholat team, I was surprised with their wooooooooooowww support and help to solve the issue and to keep me happy and satisfied they even sent me a gift as a surprise,
    Actually I was intended to close my account but after this wow experience I will not close my account for sure, thank you guys you are really great, and special thanks to christelle and Nathalie

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  • Bi
      3rd of Jul, 2013

    I have the similar experience with Andrew. But this time it was not later, instead it's several days ahead. My birthday gift ordered by my daughter was delivered to me several days ahead of my birthday. So the surprise was gone. The zChocolet sent me another box several days after my birthday with no charge for it. The chocolate company
    itself is good. only the deliver company is not in order.

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  • Br
      18th of Dec, 2013

    I have ordered from Zchoc several times over the past few years. Shipping from France to Australia during the Australian summer is probably not the best idea.

    I have had 2 order's delayed by Fedex (not zchoc). One order was quite large and sat on a hot loading dock all weekend awaiting a Monday delivery. By the time the chocolates arrived, they were ruined.

    On both occasions Zchoc were all over it, arranged prompt replacements and offered to call my intended recipients and explain. Doesn't change the fact I had to arrange other gifts for people on Christmas eve.

    My point is that international freight is notoriously unreliable. If you are shipping during summer, think carefully about allowing enough time for your purchase to arrive ... and have a back up plan if things go wrong.

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  • Si
      3rd of Jun, 2014

    Z Chocolate,

    I am disappointed, I cannot open the new website, because all the flash-player advertisements slow down the download speed and cause it to freeze at 71% downloaded status. Consequently I am unable to order any chocolates. Z chocolate should offer a link into their website for people whose browsers cannot support their flashy introduction page. I have ordered Z chocolates twice and Z chocolates are superb-the best I have ever seen. Please provide a link that does not include the flashy introduction pages so that I can order chocolates.



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  • Jo
      31st of Mar, 2016

    I hope my chocolates arrive tomorrow on time and without any hiccups or nasty bill surpises. Fingers crossed .

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  • Zc
      25th of Aug, 2017

    @Jonnyjai Apologies for the delay to respond to your message.

    Your gift was delivered on time! with a double number of chocolate since you were referred to our website by someone.
    What about another zchocolat experience?
    Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, I will assist you with pleasure!

    Laurence Chassany | zChocolat
    Customer service manager

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