Zcash Investment Trustmakes no sense

Zcash Investment Trust is one more Grayscale investment vehicle. But that's all I know and all I can say about this shady investment fund. Grayscale Investments consists of many funds and someone should explain why and what's the point.
Why have an investment company if you don't provide anything useful about it? That just makes no sense. As I said, I only know that Zcash Investment Trust (and other similar projects) exists, but no one knows who and what stands behind it and what's the sense of it.
If it's under one company, why parcel them all out? It is one thing to have a separate business with different goal, strategies, and plans, but an entirely different thing to actually provide a little information and stop caring about what it looks like, whether the projects are similar or not, and if not, then what's the difference? That really looks stupid...

Nov 26, 2018

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