Zaxby'szaxby's manager in dillon, sc 29536

I went to Zaxby's last night (04/05/2017) as I walked to the bathroom I seen and heard a Manger arguing with an employee inside the bathroom. While the manager was arguing another manager came and pulled her away as if the manager was about to cause conduct with her employee. When they walked away I kindly asked the girl (the employee) was she the manager here (at Zaxby's in Dilon, SC). The girl answered YES. I asked her who was over her so I could report her because she had no business going off on an employee in that such manner. Not only that my family and many more people was in the store at the time. The business was hectic full of people. I called numbers and I still can't get in touch with the man that's over them. I left voicemails. Who do I get in touch with about this manager because this not the only time that manager caused dispute while my family visited Zaxby's in Dillon, SC.

Apr 06, 2017

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