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I purchased 18 items online from Zara. 3 items were too small & needed to exchange for 1 size up. Note I never purchase in this larger size and a clear reflection of how small Zara sizing is.

When visiting a Zara shop I was told that even though they have the goods instore they cannot exchange as it is day 32 after my online purchase and it had to happen by day 30, less than 2 days earlier. Note no returns policy was outlined on my receipt nor with my goods received via post.

I purchase so much of this product for my children, I love this brand. The first time I have purchased for me. I purchased online as I work full time and struggle to get into the store which is far away from my home.

I made a special trip to the store to exchange and was appalled by the way I was treated. A retail business cannot operate in this manner. I do not want my money back or to change the goods for another item. Simply a size exchange. Surely they cannot do this???

Jan 11, 2019

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