Zara Mannheim, Germany / very rude sales assistant

Planken O7, 11-12, 68161 Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany
Contact information:
Phone: 496211568075

I was at Zara Mannheim, Germany branch today. One of the staff there is very, very rude. I wanted to have a knitted sweater (bought less than a week ago) exchanged because the stitching came off. I told the girl I might have thrown away the receipt away but I have with me a copy of my bank statement, which clearly shows the transaction, the date and the amount.

The staff told me to go home and dig through my trash! And if I really can't find the receipt in my trash, then I can come back to her with my bank statement and only then will she exchange it. On top of that, halfway through her sentence, she just walked out and went to the back-office.

Unprofessional staff with this type of attitude should not be hired as sales associates.

Zara Mannheim, Germany

Sep 25, 2014

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