Zapper Credit Special / Telemarketer harrasment

Zapper Credit Special Complaint

I heard the commercials with Graig Zapper and Susan Zapper. I called their office and asked that they email me more info.
Instead of emailing me Zapper Credit had a telemarketer call me 16 times for two days straight. The telemarketers voicemails got progressively ruder as I didn't take his calls. When I did take his call he told me he had a special one week deal for me but I had to act now. when I said no thanks, the guy went NUTS. He tried yelling at me for "wasting his time" and tried saying I couldn't afford his program. I told him it wasn't the money but their lack of professionalism.

Dont call Zapper Credit unless you want to be harrassed by telemarketers all day long

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