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Z Ducts Inc / customer service

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I called to get my air ducts cleaned for $40. They technician came out and said i had holes in the ducts and they would rip if they cleaned them and that i need to replace all the duct work. They wanted $5500 to replace 14 vents and install 2 more vents with R6 ducts that have some polymer material inside and fiberglass on the outside so rats can't chew into the ducts. They also installed one 7 inch hepa filter and sanitized the system and installed a UV light & filter. I offered $3500 for the whole job and in the end they only did 10 of the 14 vents, so I paid a total of $2793 for the job. It was brutal and i never experienced anything like this. From one guy to the next their deals, contracts, services, and behaviors were INCONSISTENT across the board. The Technician was insulting, fresh, bad mouthing and overall made me feel unsafe in my own home! At 4:30pm they told me it would take 2 hours to finish, then at 8pm, they said 20 more minutes, then at 9pm they realized the forgot to do the air ducts in the kitchen. I finally kicked them out and told them i never heard of a company working this late in somebody's home. They had NO consideration for me, my time, my home and they banged into the walls a lot with their boxes and marks on my newly painted walls. They didn't complete their job. I would not recommend these guys or company's like them. Get a specialist in the subject or a contractor. Eric, the technician had really manners and repeatedly interrupted me. Two times when I asked about the services he responded 'you don't need that'. I never met someone that when I was requesting what I wanted in a service he told me 'you don't need that'. I also asked if he used dampers and got the typical 'you don't need that' answer followed by 'do you even know what a damper is?' in a very condescending way. I asked a simple question and got a smart answer. Mostly, it was his covert tone. He preached about giving good customer service and for me to be happy and that I refer people. He said one thing and did something else, in other words. He was a total smart ### and I never had a problem with anyone or any worker like this before. I would never refer Z Ducts. When I called Lee, the salesman, to tell him how unhappy I was with this guy Eric started bad mouthing me in the other room saying 'well some people are just manipulators' and other comments about me when i was trying to talk on the phone. What is that? To me having a nice person and receiving good work is the most important thing. In this case, a bad attitude outweighs everything because it add unneeded stress to my day. I had nothing but problems since this guy showed up to the door.

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  • Na
      27th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I Highly disagree with this persons comment. I have had Z ducts come out to my home for over 8 years now and have never heard of anything like this happening. My husband only dealt with expensive contractors before I stumbled across one of their coupons. I am sad to hear that you received a bad experience with this company, but the truth is that I never had a technician by the name of Eric out to my home, so I am not aware of his efforts. I do know however that my entire system was falling apart and I had Daniel quote me an amazing price compared to the previous quotes from different companies at only (4, 000) for my 2100 sqft home. The workers completed their job in a very timely manner and were even able to get me extra money back as a tax credit. I now refer all my friends and family to Z ducts and they have all been as pleased as I am with their services.

  • Cy
      11th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had Z Ducts come to clean my ducts today. Sales guy was polite at first. He did a complete inspection and then recommended a cleaning of the AC unit as well. He said it would be an additional $575 on top of the $129 for the duct cleaning. I asked him for a written quote. I told him that I would not be deciding today. He insisted that the work be done today. He went on and on with his sales pitch. He wanted me to log on to the BBB to show me his good rating. I told him that I had already checked him out but that I would need to think about spending that much money. He went outside for a moment returned with just a business card but no written quote. When he handed me the card, he was a little rude and simply said "give me a call when you are serious". Serious about what I wondered. I was serious about getting the ducts cleaned out. I was expecting him to just clean the ducts but he left without doing that. I guess it was not worth his time to just do that smaller job. I am going with Sears now. I just called them and the whole job will cost me around $400. I feel like I can trust a company like Sears. The sales guy's behavior was very unprofessional. Glad I didn't go with the company in the end.

  • Un
      16th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just had my air ducts semi-clearned. I had the detailed internal air duct cleaning package for $129. After the technician was done cleaning it (Did a horrible job of cleaning it), he then stated to me that I needed to clean the overall internal system otherwise cleaning the air duct would be pointless because the internal system would turn dirty again once the furnace is used again. I didn't understand why the technician didn't tackle the root cause before he charged me 129.99 to later tell me his initial work was pointless and I needed to tackle a bigger problem? He quoted me $500 but of course he said he could do it for 250 dollars. I denied the request thinking it was fishy. He told me that I could skip that job and get the sanitation addition because thats needed. He charged me an extra $200 dollars for the sanitation job. Overall, I spent about $350 dollars for a horrible job.

    After the technician left, my father inspected the air duct vents to find out what a crummy job they did. Dirt from the airduct fell to the ground when my dad opened the air duct!

    I called to complain but there was no follow-up. I guess they don't care about customer service and their only goal is to scam you once, take your money and run with it.

  • Ih
      26th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    We got scammed too! A $50 job turned into a $550 job. Called to complain that they scammed my wife and didnt do anything about it. My house is only 5 years old and they said it needed tons of work. They were at our house for an hour. Thats quite an hourly rate if you ask me! dont use this company because they will scam the crap out of you!!! We have learned an expensive lesson

  • Jo
      1st of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Sean was my technician and he did a great job of explaining the need for a more efficient air duct system. When Sean came to my house and found all the damage to my old ducts, I was surprised to hear that all that air is basically being wasted on my attic! After Sean explained what getting new ducts can do for my home's cooling and heating and for my energy bills, I had no reason to say no.
    The work was scheduled with your very responsive office team and within 2 days I had brand new air ducts. The air blows into the rooms now stronger than before and I get air even in my spare bedroom, which used to have almost no air blowing out.
    Your men did a good job, and they were really nice. It is a reflection on the company that all the guys who were there were very professional and pleasant to work with.

  • Ke
      28th of Sep, 2012
    -1 Votes

    These guys are crooks and up-sell as much as possible. We called them for the $89 duct cleaning flyer but its only up to 8 vents, we have 11 so each additional vent is $19.95, so there is $60 extra add right away. Then they told me that my furnace would need to be taken apart, cleaned and rebuilt since it had dust and dirt on it for $427 more. I told them when it breaks I will call them but he insisted that I would save 1 amp if I had the service done now and save money on electricity in the long run, still said no, he was upset now. His last sales pitch was a Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters for $120 which I found the same exact one on ebay for $47 free shipping later. They hooked a small vacuum up to my air vent in the front of my house but I was too busy to see what else they did that day but as I look on line later I did see that a real duct cleaning machine is huge, fills up a back of a truck so I will never refer or use these guys again.

  • Sh
      8th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Crooked, lying, deceitful.

  • Ze
      9th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Stay clear from Z-Ducts! This company is the absolute worst! They rescheduled three times and they were still 2 hours late! The service call was to simply clean out the air ducts in a condo. The technician comes in asking for the location of the laundry washer & dryer? What? He had no clue as to what he was called for. Then he hands me a business card from another company, not Z-Ducts. What? I reminded him that I really need the ducts clean and that's it. He says I can't bring the machine up two flights of stairs because it's too heavy, but if I do, it will cost $800, not the quote $80. What's this about? There's always going to be a need to access a 2nd floor whether it's a house or condo or apartment. I used this company before back in Jan 2012 with no hassels, but a year later it seems they've changed owners or management. Lame ducts is better description of this company

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