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I sent this email to the director of the Lubbock YWCA. I have still not received a reply:

I called and left two messages yesterday with a supervisor at the YWCA regarding Cheryl B. and the issues I am having with her and the Tuition Express payments. I can forward emails I have received from her and I also have two phone messages from her that I have saved for you to listen to, if you require. One is for me and one is for another parent that she called on my number – she gave the name of the parent, the amount she owed, the fact that their payment was declined and that the child would be dropped from the Y-Care After School Program. I am concerned about her bookkeeping and the confidentiality of not only my records but of other parents also.

I don’t know how Ms. B. is running her debits but she sent me an email at the beginning of October saying that she was going to schedule it early. This may be part of the problem. She left me a message on Friday on my cell phone while I was at work. I called her back and she said that she would check with her supervisor, Debbie P., about whether I could be on the Tuition Express payment again. She said she would get back with me. I received an email today that Ms. P. had denied that request. I had not made my payment because I was expecting to hear back from Ms. Blasingame or Ms. P.. Much to my dismay, when I went to pick up Matt from Y-Care yesterday, they said he had been dropped for non-payment. I called and tried to speak to a supervisor but only was able to contact a voice mail. I left two messages and Ms. P. called me this morning. She explained that she would not approve me for the Tuition Express payment. I had already made my payment this morning, so I do not have an outstanding balance with the Y-Care program.

I do not appreciate the manner in which Ms. B. has addressed me nor do I appreciate the way in which Ms. P. talked down to me. We are not a low income family and I hope that your staff does not address others in this same manner. I will be happy to call my payment in each month on my debit card. That way I will be sure the payment goes through on the date it is intended. The $5.00 discount for the Tuition Express is not worth the manner that this has all been handled.

I am sure you have already been contacted by Ms. P. so that she can get her version of the story in first. I told her that I would be contacting you. I hope that you will step outside her version for just a moment and look at the entire story to see some issues that may be going on with this program.

The first thing that you should all be concerned with is the lack of confidentiality and the poor record keeping that Ms. B. demonstrated by leaving incorrect information on a voice mail regarding another parent and child. Outside of that, the benefit of Tuition Express is mostly for your organization as you state in your FAQ’s:

How does signing up for Tuition Express help the YWCA?The YWCA has chosen to offer automatic payments for several reasons. First, it gives you the convenience of not having to think about paying your childcare fees each month. Second, it allows regular scheduling of your

payments. Most importantly, automatic payments reduce the amount of time the YWCA spends on management activities, giving staff more time to make other improvements and offer other services.

The next thing that I am concerned about is the treatment of myself, and probably others, as if we were second class citizens. You have wonderful workers at Nat Williams. My son truly enjoys being a part of the program and his Y-Care teachers are wonderful. I wish the same attitude and helpful nature that they exhibit towards the children was mimicked by your staff at the YWCA. I hope that my concerns will not be held against me or reflected in the care your organization is providing my child. I would like to resolve this issue. My resolution is to not worry about the tuition express payments working for me. I will call in my debit card payment on the first of each month. My solution is to take care of this myself.

I appreciate your time and I am available to discuss if you wish.


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