Yuva Storescam in the form of work from home typing jobs

I would like to talk about a company (basically it doesn't exist physically) named ' Yuva Store', 4th Tea Block, Bengaluru South, Karnataka, India. They also have their website which is currently down. They basically cheat people in the name of providing typing jobs where a person has to type pages from an already existing book. The pages are designed in such a way that a person who has to type the same will have so much difficulty in doing so. The font sizes are abnormally small and contains a lot of spelling mistakes. They also specify accuracy rates and clients failing to achieve them will not be payed their remuneration. Their registration fees range from Rs.1000 to 2000. Their so-called manager aka Mr. Sanjay (probably a fake name) answers all calls using the number [protected]. This is the number they have given in the website. I applied for work from home jobs in quickr and I received a call from a staff member of the above mentioned scam company. Her name is Latha (again a fake name probably) and her number is [protected]. She was the first person who contacted me and told me about their scam. She speaks very politely so as to lure unsuspecting job seekers offer them the job with the above mentioned registration fees and after receiving our valuable money she will send a pdf file which totally illegible. After that they will block your number and you might never get them on the phone again. I have seen many complaints regarding this scam in this website and I had replied to some mentioning my contact No. Today a student (just like me) called my number and told me what exactly what had happened to him. He registered after paying Rs.2000 and they send me very pathetic pdf file for him to type. Finding the work to be too tiresome he decided to quit and was about to inform the company the same. On calling them he discovered that they had blocked his number. On seeing my comments on this issue in this website he contacted me today and I gave him Lata's number. On calling her, he explained the situation she told him that she would communicate the same to Sanjay. Soon after the call ended she also blocked his number as well. I would not like to disclose thre identity of this person who got cheated as well. I decided to call Lata myself and I asked her straight way what she was gaining from cheating innocent people like this. I am uploading this particular conversation. Soon after Sanjay called me up and started accusing me of harassing his lady staff member. His tone was outright mean despite being a fraud. He also does not want to deny the fact that he is infact cheating fact he challenged me by asking me what I could do against him. The student who I have mentioned above called Sanjay using another number and then to this fraud abused his verbally after stealing his money. I urge everyone to take action against these people. I have already mentioned their numbers and if someone can trace it, their real identities can be found. They have no right to cheat other people out of their hard earned money and they deserve a punishment so bad that it will affect the rest of their lives. I have already brought down their website and I ask everyone who has been cheated by theses [censored] to take necessary action before they fool more people. I am uploading all evidence against them. Please guys keep this in mind if people are offering you genuine job opportunities, they won't ask for your money. Be aware, be smart and help bring such scammers down. If anyone has anymore such experiences with Yuva Store, please do tell me. My contact: [protected]

Yuva Store
Yuva Store

Dec 06, 2018

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