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I am ashame to enter the adult entertainment business via those crooks. $500 flushed down the toilet. REASONS: hostile customer service, poor vintage material, You can t hearn any money from it.

A total online scam!!!

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  • St
      Mar 18, 2012

    i made the same mistake we can all band together and try to take legal action against them for fruadulant business practices im pretty sure if we could find enough willing participants i have a solicitor who loves challanging case hes been my legal rep for 15 years and has never lost a case, imagine the damage we could do to that comapny if we all hit them with that and made them pay out for what they said we could earn i started this almost 8 years ago and no you cannot make money no matter weather you advertise or not they are a scam . come on people we could ruin them with enough of us i know some really good curtrent affairs shows that would love this hows about we dont let them get away with it. if intersted in my suggestion email me at [protected] and lets see if we can wreck these cheating ###. by taking a group action against them and sewing for loss of income fraud and bad business practices im willing to try are you.

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  • Br
      Nov 24, 2018

    @stormcloud Sure, hit me at [protected]

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