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So I checked my bank account and found a charge of $4.95. I was freaked out because I knew for sure I did not authorize that charge.
I called the number listed under the transaction [protected]). I was transferred to one of their departments (Acai Nutraburst). I asked them to remove the charge and indicated to them that I will report this activity to appropriate authority. They told me they couldn’t find my name on their system and put me on hold. When the representative came back I heard she said “the customer is no longer on the line” and hung me up.

I called back many time using [protected] but the line just beepep with the busy tone. Later I called my bank to dispute the trans to find out that a credit of $4.95 has been credited to my account. I asked my bank to block my card out anway.

So eventhough I got my money back, a question remains “how did they get my banking info?” SCARY! WATCH OUT!


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      Nov 02, 2009

    This bunch at are there just to rip you off. They offer a free sample and 4.95 shipping. But somewhere in their order for the free sample was a clause that I never saw or agreed to on purpose that said "if you don't cancel within 14 days of your order they will ship another months supply and charge you $74.94. I didn't even get the free sample until the 14 days were up and I never saw the agreement. When I got the bill I called and asked what the heck. I was told that I didn't cancel and they had my agreement and they would not refund my money and that they always win their case with the credit card people and basicly "we got you". If this was a ligitmate business they would want customers to be happy. And if their product was as good as they claim they would not have to rip people off with this scam. I got nothing and Nurtrahealth got 75 dollars of my hard earned money because they have found a way to use your trust and your credit card company against you. DON"T let this happen to you.

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