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Adriatic services, your adult store. net//, aposess there buisness practices. Was my dream .That I had for a year or more now. I sat up nights thinking of ways to manufacture, create, supply an adult store on line. To give a full view into a safe and great life stile. it came down to the dollars and cense. Time, convenience & efficiency. I did a search on, "adult suppliers-stores" on Google. Up popped Adriatic services, Your adult store. net. I have worked in an adult store for several years now. I have seen supplies pricing of those supplies, inventory customer care and many more aspects of running a store. Before the economy came to the realization, Yes- We are in more than an economic downturn. I could see on a daily basis the profit my 24 hour adult shop was bringing in .The numbers were not just good but great. 50-60 grand a month. I new then there is something to this .I am sure that I to could duplicate and exceed my employers' income just by the fact I would be global not just a locale favorite. I would be on the world wide web.

Adriatic services, Your adult store. net took all the guess work out of it. A no brainer. The value perceived to you threw there adds and live conversation .Made it even that much more attractive. I called and was in direct contact with one of the most aggressive Fast talking, moving, shakers. I had ever encountered. He new how and when to push every button I had . I declined to get my store that day even with a 300.00 cut on the price. For more than one reason I had just lost my job do to down sizing. The bills were just around the corner . Things looked very uncertain. The sales man new of my loss and still pushed the package by reducing the cost.
(Could my credit card hold it? Is this the rite thing to do at this time? ) I declined. A month went by. I now was re-employed. Time to break away from average and become .The store owner I had wanted to be .Low and behold they called me again with a sale. That Day sale and that day only. I did it I put the site on my card. 1000.00 + dollars. Along with the first months fee of 29.95. I was so excited .I e-mailed all of my friends and family. I had purchased the small store. I was happy with that .Went threw and priced every thing one by one to be at and or below my current store that I work in. It took wks. Hours upon hours. Before and after every nights sleep and work schedule. Every minuet I could take away from my life to put it in to this site I did. I was so wound up in making a success and start running my own store.

I was answering my work phone By saying rather than the co. I was working for. Soon there after the phone rang. It was Bob from your adult store. He had a deal and a line of crap to sell me. "The up grade" to the largest store they have. "NO, DO NOT DO IT." I was happy exhaling from the store I just finished inventorying. "You need to be big, the Wall Marts of adult stores, that way the search engines can fined you faster and better . you will have more web presence. " That made sense to me. Supplies and demand more chances of getting a customer more listings. "The new store comes with advertising, a new front page, e-mail notification, order tracking and a side bar of most popular sold items. Also an e-mail sign up list. All for the low low price of...another 500.00 dollars not potatoes.
I agreed to the rethreading. When I called in a bought the adds and banners that were being done for me Bob suddenly had a contagious illness or something and was not permitted in to the general public for questioning and or liability of his statements .

The statement they faxed back to me after I paid for the upgrade did not tell of the advertising or banners that came out of Bobs mouth. Suddenly he was unavailable from that day on . So that never happened no adds. The front page is still a mystery to me I keep asking they keep giving me the run around. I had a friend purchase from my site .With the up grade I am to receive a conformation of a sale instantly. It never happened It took five days .Several emails to them, a phone call. For it to magically appear. In my msn email, not hot mail but my pay for email account. They tell me they do not know what happened the system is automatic. They then said it was my email provider .They are blocking it in the spam . I looked in those files nothing .This is Microsoft E-Mail. They invented e-mail. well when They need to contact me for any thing like a bill or personal information it always got threw, When they were hounding me with specials and to purchase my store threw them there was never a lost e-mail. They told me to get Google and or yahoo email. I did Google, I personally made an order. Again no conformation for days till I called and [censor]ed. Then and only then does it work????

The long and short of it . I have to date - had 100, 000, 00 that is one hundred thousand visitors to my site in the last five months. Not a single sale 0 sales. Why do I have a popular items list that changes daily if I never sold anything? Three wks ago I installed a reader the Google analytics. They tell me that with in the first 2 wks more than 940 customers ended there experience on my site at the shopping cart with 0 zero bounce rate. I haven't one sale from this.

They have a standard response for this. They blame your advertising, Well lets look in to that himm Google adds, Must be bad .City link Ran a month add, they must be bad as well. Metro mix they must be the problem as well. No it had to be the one of five different states when I advertized in five of the number one circulating Mags in every bar north of Florida. I just do not know...O I know, It had to be the next month that I advertised in the number one Florida mags That are The only mags that matter in the entire state of Florida .The add Is still running in Six of eight mags.

I have invested thousands of hours and more than 5000.00 dollars in advertising and consulting web specialist. They tell me as well the odds of not even one sale from that huge number of customers is not possible.

Lets look at this another way. Fact people go shopping to shop. If I have 100, 000.00 people in my building at work I know 80% of them are there to get something with out assistance they just pick it up pay for it and go. 10% more will purchase something if a sales person helps them. That leaves 10% out of one hundred thousand people that will leave with out a sale.

A site is different you can just bounce, click away. Remember 940 people ended there site experience at the shopping cart with 0 zero bounce rate. If you are looking to better your self have a second income or think your going to make it rich off of this co. as a store front for them forget a bought it. They will tell you there are many Happy customers making 20 or more thousand a month they will not tell you who or there site name. This is I am convinced a pyramid scam. The only people making money off of this site is Adriatic services, Your adult store net. and there staff. Be warned. This can be your story as well.
this is not the place to invest your money . It will never grow . I had my site appraised the other day This is there number 1, 300.00 less than what I have paid for it and way less than what I have invested in advertising and promoting . They tell you you get a coach and training .Ask them for training if you get there rip off sites. They will never take the time to teach you .You must also know HTML coding in order even get to step one on building your site with them .They fail to tell you that as well till after you have the site. I must say they do call and they will answer most Q. the co. will give you a basket of crappie excuses for every Q.

This is there add promising training It is a main stream news paper the USA today:

This is there response when I asked for a coach: We do not offer "training", as the advertising process is entirely your responsibility as one of our franchisees. However, for assistance you can contact our Customer Service department as they can point you in the right direction as to additional avenues of advertising that are available to you.

I am looking for there site coaches not any thing to do with adds. The person that does the training. I never had one.

I made it clear I sent them there own add There response was still the same.

pleas if you would like to purchase some thing from pleas do then email me at [protected] To give me a conformation or just to tell me your story of this co. Good bad or indifferent.
It is not the shopper they are ripping off it is the web masters. site owners.

Warning!!! I am an owner of one of there sites. I strongly advise against doing business with this Adriatic services, Your adult store . net do to my experience with them.

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  • Al
      19th of Feb, 2009

    I have read your complaint about your adult store And I can tell you that I am making over 2500 dollars a month from my store it took a 8-12 months to get it going but I am enjoying huge success go to my site and click on the links in their and start joining the sites I have joined and they will bring you sales also is free to submit your site to and I am getting sales on a daily basis from their . where did you spend the other 3500 that seems not to smart to spend $5000 I have spent a total of only 1000 dollars then 49.99 a month on the maintenance it works fine for me. if you have any questions or if you need help email me back .


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  • Ro
      18th of Mar, 2009

    0 Votes
  • Fr
      23rd of Jun, 2009

    I agree with the man's complaint. I think you, Allena work for them. They are ripping him off. It's a scam.

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  • Fr
      23rd of Jun, 2009

    Also, why is he not smart. He was investing in his business, that he thought he bought in good faith. Any entrepenuer knows you must spend money to make money. So I think that comment is un educated on your part. Who are you to judge him. He is not at fault here. The adult store team is.

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  • St
      18th of Jul, 2009

    i have a store and i sell lots of stuff from it you just have to know how to market adult products all you need is an google adwords account to get it going im steve of StevesAdult Toy World so stop whinning about it its not a scham they dont promote it you have to sell your stuff i have learned alot about marketing on the internet they ae all nice people

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  • St
      18th of Jul, 2009

    if you have store and cant get no sales go to google adwords and start an adwords account i like the starter addition start with a 50 dollar a month budget and choose you keywords from the keywords the give yiou wiseley also add stuff from you site its up to you to sell your products make the ad appear cheap like 80% off at the beginning or sal on vibrators ive found that men buy most the stuff male masturbators are best sellers if you need help email me itys a good investment but will take some time to get things selling its up to you not them to sell you products after all they wouldn sell your car for you they wouldnt know how mush you want for it its yoyr stuff sell it

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  • Da
      1st of Sep, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I find them on the internet, they called me today. Only spoke about 5 minutes. I have no intend to pay for such things like this. If I was going to sell for them, they are making profit out of my effort. I am not going to pay. I think he said the cost like about $150. Well, may be I am cheap. I told him to send me an email to explain more. I looked at some sample sites listed in the email. They look phony. Then I checked interent, wow, here a long list of scam histories.
    I just signed up a store for free today too. I am a customer of them. I enjoyed there website and products. I know this company for 20 years. They are very ligitimate and they are on the wall street. Best of it, free.

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  • Je
      27th of Sep, 2009

    I, agree with the two comments above I, personlly just perchased my own adult store online and I, realize that it, s up to you to sell your items I, M going on google ad sense with a campaine and all can is do the best that I, to have my keywords to hopfully optimizemy ranking maybe it will work for my new bessiness all I, can do is try nothing beets a try but a failure so it is true you have to sell your items and use google adsense it, s the smart thing to do . the store is called

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  • An
      2nd of Feb, 2010

    Everyone knows you must spend money to make money but when they take a lot of money and then not ship to over half of the United States this is not business this is a scam. Plus they took off half of their products and supposedly added products without pictures. Who in their right mind would buy an adult novelty product without seeing a picture, this also goes for lingerie. Adriatic Services is a scam business. Mike, Shawn, and a few others have taken advantage of a lot of people and this must be passed along so they do not continue to take advantage of others.

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  • Bc
      27th of Jul, 2010 - ripoff
    United States

    BEWARE..BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! This compant took me for over 2500.00 for a custom web site and hosting and etc.Plus had to pay them 39.99 a month for over a year for merchadise control of it and only made 2 sells. Do I have a right to sue this company???

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