Your Wish Store / Magnetic charging cords

I ordered 5 cords in December. I received an email on 12/22/16 that they shipped with a tracking number. Tracking info never updated. On 1/25/17 I contacted them and asked where my product was. On 1/31/17, I contacted them again. Still no response so on 2/1/17 I contacted them through email telling them to cancel my order and give me a refund. On Feb 3, 2017 I was sent an email saying my order was lost and couldn't be located and a FULL refund was going to be issued. I received another email 2/4/17 with the same info. On Feb 11, 2017 I emailed them again and asked where my refund was--they responded back on the same day and said I needed to be patient that it takes time to issue a refund. I responded back on 2/12/17 that 8 days was long enough to issue a refund. I told them I was reporting to BBB but can't do so because I can't locate them and can't find any info on where to get a hold of them on their website. On 3/10/17 I received ANOTHER email stating they were issuing me a FULL refund. I emailed back and asked if this was a joke as I have been waiting for a refund since 2/3/17. Still no refund at this time.

Mar 16, 2017

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