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On April 12, 2009, I purchased the Roger Mason paperback book titled “The Natural Prostate Cure” on I later ordered a second book for my brother-in-law. I also purchased Roger Mason's book titled "Zen Macrobiotics for Americans". I read "The Natural Prostate Cure" book several times and eventually decided to chat with my doctor to obtain his advice regarding the testosterone treatments recommended in this book.

My doctor reviewed the book and stated that I should exercise caution, because Mr. Mason is not a medical doctor and also because there was no indication in his book that Mr. Mason had even earned a college degree. My doctor recommended that I attempt to verify some of the references cited in the book and also try to contact Mr. Mason and obtain a telephone number from him so that I could discuss some of the book's references with Mr. Mason.

I decided to follow my doctor's advice and sent Mr. Mason an e-mail at [protected] on July 28, 2009. In my e-mail, I stated that I had attempted to verify several of the references he had cited in his book, but was unsuccessful and could he provide me with his phone number so that we could discuss this. Mr. Mason responded via e-mail the same day. He said that he wouldn't talk to me, but that I should just follow the advice in his book.

I responded to his e-mail on July 29, 2009, stating that I had checked out at least six references cited in his book and could not verify the authenticity of a single one and that I would therefore not be purchasing anymore of his books or referring him to any of my friends or associates in the future. The same day I received an incredulous flaming e-mail from him in which he literally cussed me out.

I concluded that Roger Mason must be a fraud, because an honest person with nothing to hide would certainly not have responded to me in such a manner. I don't know if he has actually broken any laws, but I do believe that Mr. Mason should be investigated, because the references cited in his book do not appear to be verifiable and he certainly should not be cussing and swearing at customers who have purchased his books and who are simply attempting to validate that the information in his books is accurate.

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      Jun 27, 2010
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    I have used for my supplements/vitamins for many years, and always found the service, products, and information to be excellent. They refuse to sell any bogus supplements, which is an extremely rare trait in that industry(a field/industry littered with snake oil salesmen). Any questions I had were answered in a timely and polite manner. On a Side Note, The Economic newsletter (free) they offer is outstanding, and has made me a lot of money over time.

    Thanks again for letting me share

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