Yoshi Blade Official Site / charged me double for 2 peelers 2 knives and 2 times for shipping

1 NY, United States

The offer for the Yoshi knife and peeler said buy 1 and get one free. This is not true. After you give them all the information and credit card number you are never able to review your order. After hitting the buy button you see that you were charged for 2 Yoshi knives, 2 peelers and 2 times for the shipping. So what you thought was going to be 19.99 plus 2 times the shipping you were charged for 2 knives 2 peelers and 2 times the shipping. This was a complete rip off. I do not know how long I will be on the phone trying to get this resolved. I did call my credit card comapny and said not to except the charge as it was misrepresented. This is a scam. do not order this product. It is a con scam.


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