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If you order from this site, you will have to give your credit card and personal information BEFORE selecting any products. This should be your first red flag. If you use an American Express card, you will get a warning that if you use this card to place your order you may not be eligible for "special offers" at the end of your order. This should be your second red flag, as American Express, in my experience, is very diligent with their credit dispute process. Once you've entered your credit and personal information, you are presented with the "as seen on TV" offer of one knife and peeler for $19.99 (+ $9.99 shipping and handling). You are then presented with several other "great deals." I chose to accept a second yoshiblade knife and peeler for $0.00 + $6.99shipping and handling.

You are then asked if you want to upgrade to the "Deluxe Set" of three knives (6", 4" and 3"). If you select this upgrade, and ordered the second yoshiblade earlier, know that it will upgrade BOTH of your knife sets to theDeluxe Set and charge you $14.99 + $5.99 shipping and processing TWICE without giving you an option to decline!

There is no way to tell what you have in your shopping cart while you shop and there is no confirmation screen at the end of the ordering process. You are given a non-itemized receipt that provides an "estimated Grand Total."

Note that shipping charges increased my order by 58% over the cost of the knives.

The website directs people to wait two days before calling customer service "for records to be updated." This is another red flag, but at this point, it is too late. In two days, it is likely you will already have been charged for the purchase and will have to ship product back (at your expense) in order to get a refund. Some people are not likely to do this and decide to eat the loss. I am sure IdeaVillage knows this.

IdeaVillage's customer service number is [protected]. According to the website, customer service is open 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, Pacific Time, but the phone recording says they are only open Tuesday through Friday. I will wind up wasting valuable time asking IdeaVillage to cancel this order. If this doesn't work, I have already notified Amex that I will be disputing this charge if I am unable to get the company to cancel the order.

These may be the best knives in the world, but there is no reason a company should go so far out of it's way to dupe, inconvenience and frustrate people who, with good faith, are buying their product. I will continue documenting my experiences with this firm and will ensure I inform my family, friends, the BBB and the FTC of the unacceptable business practices IdeaVillage Products Corp. are using to sell these knives.

Now you know. Buyer beware!


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