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In July, we put a $500.00 deposit down for one pup for my mom, due to go home in October. My sister was going to fly from Orlando to Baltimore Airport to pick up the 10 wk old pup. In the meantime, my sister decided she also wanted a pup. So, total for 2 pups was $4 grand. Paid before she arrived in Baltimore on 10/11/08.

Saturday, 10/11 the 2 pups, both female arrived in Orlando with my sister. All seemed fine. By Tues. am my sister's pup, Laci, (formerly Pricilla) was going in circles, breathing funny and seizing. My sister took her to the vet immed. and after 9 more seizures she was admitted to the emerg. hospital. The blood work indicated bacterial infection, source unknown. She was sedated, given phenobarbital and antibiotics IV. She remained in hospital for 2 days. She was on the antibiotics for a week. She is still on the pheno, being weaned via weight gain.

At that time, she weighed 1 pd. 4 oz. I have photos of her from the web-site and after the hospital stay.

She now weighs 2.4 pds.

During the ordeal we were in contact with the breeder via email. For every 5 emails we sent we rec. one reply maybe. We said we wanted to return the puppy on Sat. 10/15 and exchange it for a healthy one. They said they WOULD NOT meet us at the airport and insisted the illness started after the pup arrived in Orlando.

The Vet bills totalled $1, 200.00.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Baltimore, MD We have statements from the doctor that the incubation started prior to leaving Baltimore. They were concerned about liver shunt and ensephalitis. However, the infection has since cleared.

We put a dispute on our credit card and the breeder countered by saying "they signed an agreement that states in order to get a refund the pup had to be returned within 7 days and it was not". I explained that we tried to return the pup but the breeder refused to accept it. The credit card company sided with the breeder.

The breeder Teresa Voqui and her husband? John Neely, MD? have totally ignored us since 10/14/08. Needless to say, we will not allow this to end with our being out the money and being stuck with a sick pup.

My mom's pup seemed fine, until a skin rash showed up this week. Here we go again.

Apparently, after searching the net Teresa Vogui was also located in Sacramento CA under the trade name: and had a lot of problems with buyers there as well.

So, we told them if the money was not refunded by this evening we will file a fraud complaint against them, both internet and intrastate for shipping sick animals over State lines.

The worst part - my sister wanted the pup for company because she had just gone through a divorce and her home was forclosed on in this economic mess. She no more had the extra $1200.00 than anyone else would, she had to borrow the initial puppy purchase money to begin with.

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      Sep 09, 2013

    Her full name is Thanh - Hanh Voqui. aka therea or teresa. She is a scam artist and now resides in San Jose, CA. She is married to John Neely, MD.

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