York Regional Police drug dealers / Det.-Consts. Robert Worthman and Scott Browne

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be careful...york regional police vice squad are the biggest gangsters in york region and want to trap off the drug trade. the dirty chief eric jolliffe and many politicians make some dough on the side. these guys bust drug dealers, steal money and extort them. ever wonder why these two cluck heads are in toronto executing search warrants? that's because they were taking out dealers who operate in other words these two dirty cops are protecting their territory by wiping out the competition:

TORONTO - Three people nabbed at an $18-million drug plant were acquitted of criminal charges after a judge ruled their constitutional rights were violated by police misconduct and misleading testimony.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Nola Garton found earlier this month that two veteran York Regional Police officers — Det.-Consts. Robert Worthman and Scott Browne — executed an unlawful search after they spotted a van outside a garage at 60 Penmarric Pl. in Scarborough.

Worthman testified he had a “hunch” a burglary was being committed at 5:30 p.m. on March 9, 2007, so he executed a search without a warrant.

Garton found the actions of Worthman and his partner violated the Charter rights of those who were charged.

As a result, the seizure of more than 90 kg of methamphetamine and Ecstasy was ruled inadmissible as evidence, killing the prosecution’s case.

Homeowner “Chuck” Wan Leong, 50, truck driver Wen Chao Huang, 41, and student Jia Zhe He, 25, were acquitted of drug possession and trafficking charges.

Worthman, an 18-year veteran who had obtained hundreds of search warrants, would have known he lacked the reasonable and probable grounds to suspect a crime was in progress, Garton ruled.

The judge highlighted several instances in which Worthman provided misleading and nonsensical explanations for his actions, including testimony about why he thought there was a burglary.

“If he knew, or had information, it was a methamphetamine processing place, he’s smart enough to know that he needed more evidence to go on to the property, ” said Huang’s lawyer Bill Bain.

“With 18 years on the job in 2007, he knew you’re not allowed to go thundering on to people’s private property and searching it without having reasonable and probable grounds to do that, ” Bain said in an interview.

The Crown insisted the search was justifiable, arguing the two officers thought a break-in was taking place because the van was parked so close to the home it concealed the suspects’ movements.

But Garton disagreed.

“An officer’s hunch may be a valuable investigative tool, but it is no substitute for proper Charter standards when interfering with a suspect’s liberty, or in this case, the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure, ” Garton said.

“I find that the police misconduct that led to the (search and detention) breaches was serious and was aggravated by Worthman’s misleading testimony, ” the judge found.

Garton added that few actions more directly undermine the integrity of the judicial system than misleading testimony “in court from persons in authority.”

She ruled that Worthman trespassed, forced his way between the van and the house and put himself in a position where he could view the homeowner’s possessions in the van and the garage.

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  •   Nov 28, 2012

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I like that You are not afraid to speak the Truth.

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  • Ma
      Nov 29, 2012

    The York Regional Police Criminal Gang is Ontario's worst kept secret.

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  • Tb
      Jan 03, 2013

    Detective William Goetz #669 is the polygraph dude for york regional police. He is a piece of ### that lies. I volunteered for a "polygraph" from this piece of ### and he didn't even have the machine hooked up an lied about what I said. They don't video tape the session so they can lie after about what you said. My lawyer freaked on me about talking to this guy as they are known to be HUGE sketch scam artist and the polygraph division are liars and criminals. Avoid this guy if he calls you. It's all ###. You are going in to be set up. DO NOT VOLUNTEER FOR A POLYGRAPH WITH WILLIAM GOETZ OR YORK REGIONAL POLICE. IT'S A SCAM.


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  • De
      Jan 06, 2013

    these two dudes- Det.-Consts. Robert Worthman and Scott Browne- are major e and weed dealers in markham and Scarborough area. they hook up with some malvern crew boys and dump their drugs on these guys. they steal from the chinks and give to the apes.

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  • Me
      Jun 15, 2016

    That Scott Browne has a half sister the off-spring of an affair his father, a corrupt Toronto cop named Rick Browne, named Somer. Somer, last name not Browne, was charged with kidnapping over unpaid drug amounts and I am pretty sure it all took place in the York Region. The father and brother got her off on what were pretty serious crimes. I know this is Rick Browne's child from an affair on his wife as the mother of Somer made testimony at the Hansard inquiry into deadbeat dads and she makes reference to being extorted into signing away any claim for paternal support. The father Rick Browne has also been charged with drunk driving which he got off of by stating that he had left the union bar for two hours and went to practice finishing a bathtub. It was a hideous excuse but the court let him do that. He also was disciplined for interfering into another cops' son's criminal case by removing the witnesses' subpoenas. During the 90's and early 2000's Rick Browne was like a shop stewart for the Bromell thuggery union for the 55 Division. He harassed and trumped charges against anyone who complained about the police. This Scott Browne is clearly cut from the same cloth. The courts will never hold them accountable and that is why corruption in our police forces are out of control in this country with the TPA leading the pack for the level of brutality and corruption. History will show what they were and them and their children and grandchildren can carry the shame of what a hideous institution our judicial system became during the "Age of Fraud and Corruption". People will look at court cases and make reference to the names of the police, their overlords and the "competent judiciary" that allowed it all. Their names will go into history alright. Not the way the pathological narcissists think they will though.

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