yoreplace campground / experince

1 larwance, MI, United States

While visiting friends and checking out the camp ground for a future stay I was not I'm pressed! I visited Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I observed a camper getting shocked 2 times while trying to plug in his camper in 110voltage after the regular plug in didn't work. As of sunday the power still was not working correctly and the camper could only use some of him items in his camper. A greenish, cloudy, slimy feeling pool. Yuck! I observed a camper getting yelled at by what I latter learned was the OWNER about the POOL not being clean. I observed the pool man, whom is staff, being disrespectful to the same camper that the owner, Jon Yore, was yelling at earlier in the day, Saturday. On a positive not, the grounds and restrooms were nice, sites were large, and Wendy was very nice. Greeted me when I came in and left everyday.

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