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Purchased 400 wheels and nearly half had completely split hubs. The company admitted there was something wrong with the wheels and that they were not fit for purpose but refused to give us a refund. It was so clear with the naked eye that they wheels could not be used the half that did not have splits in them had bearings jammed in at angles and many could not turn. The items were totally unsafe to use. How this company could possible send rubbish like this out the door is unbelievable.

An ALIBABA.COM vendor, don't trust themselves, they are fraudulent themselves, they try to make you think that there is a complaint system but it you try to use it they make all sorts of difficulties to prevent you submitting your complaint. They try to protect the vendors on there. They mislead their users because they know many of the vendors on their sites have had complaints about them but they dont warn people.

Yong Kang I likes hardware make factory

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