YoNaturals Healthy Vending / Scam

Thinking about starting an organic vending machine business with YoNaturals? ( Think twice. YoNaturals claim to be a booming natural & organic vending enterprise, but these franchise opportunities have been created by the corporate criminals who have been convicted for fraud, scams and similar unethical business practices.

This information was researched in a matter of minutes by conducting a google search (google: yonatural & scam, yonaturals nick yates fraud & yonaturals). Furthermore, you will notice that Nick Yates is trying to prevent the multi-million dollar Austrailian vending scam news story that pops up when you google in Nick Yates & phone cards. If you just try google searching his name, you will notice many "empty looking" sites that display his name over and over again. This ploy is just to try to "hid" the major news story that used to pop up first in google searches when searching his name. You can't hide that big of a story Nick!

San Diego Based Healthy Vending Machine Franchise YoNaturals is also known as,,, and many more. All of these websites point back to, a site with virtually no information regarding specifics of the healthy vending franchise program. A pricey franchise requires investors $50, 000 to buy in, however, with little information on the website we conducted some research google to check the reputation of the company.

We found numerous negative reports regarding the criminal actions of YoNaturals owner, nicholas yates & his partner, CEO, Mark Trotter. Pending further investigation, it is plain to see that yonaturals has a negative reputation directly related to their current business model.

From the information posted online from reputable sources, it is obvious that YoNaturals is a risky investment. It is also apparent that their competitor ( have a much more straightforward program.

If you are planning to invest in an organic vending machine business named, YoNaturals, please review this information carefully so as to not be a victim of a fraudulent scam.

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