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Yoli and Associates, Inc. / SCAM

1 613 Franklin StreetMichigan City, MI, United States Review updated:

Two women came to my door on July 11th, 2009. They claimed to be potential college students who are participating in a public speaking contest and their goal was to sell magazines. They claimed that if they sold magazines they would earn points toward scholarships to go to college. I bought $72 worth of magazines from them and then I looked up their company on this and many other websites. What I had found was that they were a fraud and a scam. I cannot find one grain of truth about their explanation, there is no mainstream website that describes the contest they are in or the nature of the company. I would like to spread the word to others and possible acquire a business lawyer who can take these people down. As of now I've sent in the cancellation notice along with a business letter warning them not to cash my checks or to refund them if they were cashed. I will have these con-artists stopped. This happened in Baldwin, New York area code 11510 if you are near me and this happened to you contact me at If this just now happened to you call the police. If you need a witness contact me at my email.

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  • Eh
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    Call the police right now!!!...I too fell fot their story... my husband made me call the police. i went outside, found them. A fellow in a white van had just picked up my check from them and was comminng back in 2 hrs to pick them up... but... the police came just as the van came back to pick them up... 20 minutes later not 2 hrs). two people on my block called police and complained... don't answer the door... call the police... get a plate number and a description of the vehicle, people and what they are wearng... do not let them in your house!!! Good luck! East Hampton, NY

  • Je
      5th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I was scammed byu these people also. I am so angry. My husband was rude to them and told them he is not interested and then of course me being the softee that I am felt bad for them, fell for their scam story and paid $54 for a "set of 12" Diego books for my 2 yr old. I today received 1 Diego book that I could of bought in the dollar store. I hope nobody else falls for this scam. How dare they scam people who can barely afford to pay their own bills and go out of their way to support and help children with an education. I hope Karma bites i you hard in the ###!!!

  • St
      3rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I fell for it too. In June 2009. I'm in central CT. Do we have any legal recourse??

  • Aj
      3rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Call up the Better Business Bureau or file a complaint online if you haven't received any or all of your magazines! By the end of the year, if you don't get word back save your receipts and visit your local police precinct!

  • Cm
      30th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    They've been here too. I Live in an upscale neighborhood in SW Florida. (Snead island). They said they were from U.T. University of Tampa 1st night, UF ---University of Florida. Saying they were trying to earn $$ for a trip to London. They wanted to sell books or magazines then donate them to childrens hospital. Well, we are not as affluent as our neighbors and the first guy got extremely rude when I told him no. I was teampted to let my dog reinforce that.
    Anyway, they are everywhere right now.

  • Fl
      17th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    It's happening in the New Orleans area as of now... I wrote a $45 check to them for Shape magazine, than I decided to google the name of the company, and all I see is complaints..So, I just called my bank and put a stop payment on my check.. and will be mailing in the cancellation notice!! It's ashame how they use kids to go door to door ripping people off. Not to mention it was raining and cold.. They must get some good money out of it...

  • Af
      28th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    They worked Beverly Hills CA yesterday. I fell for it, figured these 2 women were working so hard that I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Never again.

  • Sv
      25th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    And now Cleveland, OH. I like everyone else wanted to help college students and - now we were scammed too. I have faxed the cancellation and stopped payment. We'll see how this works out. I called the police right after they left because I just got a bad feeling in the very end of the transaction. Hope the police were able to pick them up. Either way, I am out as a minimum the check cancellation fees. Ugh. Hate to be duped and hate to develop a cynical side but there it is. Now I don't feel safe.

  • Iw
      21st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think I was scammed too. The girl wh0 came to my door tonight was easygoing and seemed very genuine, but I guess that's why theyr'e called con artists! I fell for her story...even invited her in for a drink since it was so hot . At first I gave her all cash and then decided a check would be better. She insisted on 10$ cash and the remainder in check...I should have realized something was fishy at this point. It's not the money that bothers me so much, it's the principle. I even let her use my phone to call the person who was supposed to pick her up since it stared raining so hard, and gave her a can of iced tea to go! I am going to fax the cancellation notice tomorrow, but based on what I've read on the internet, I doubt I'll see my money. I feel so duped and am now worrying about my bank information being in the wrong hands. Shame on them for taking advantage of generous, hardworking people.
    Medford, NY

  • Ma
      12th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    OMG...this happened to me too. The same story just different people. Someone was supposed to call me to rate their performance and it's been a few days and this is what I find. I can't believe it.!!! My brother is going to college right now, I was in a rush and I have been asked to sell magazines door to door so I felt bad for these people and not to mention they were really good at acting like they were in college.
    They were just in Greenwich, CT so becareful everyone and good luck. I gave them cash so at least they don't have my bank account but I still got robbed $53!!!

  • 0 Votes

    as it has already been stated in the blog here you do recieve your publications so how is it a scam again?just a question i wanted to ask because i too recieved my publications yea it wasnt exactly what i expected but it was to get them a step closer to their goals sowhat the hell lol i just wanted to help but that is no excuse to go around bashing these kids or the yoli and associate comppany they do there best to send out there orders just give them some time ok and if you go around looking for negativity you will find it try looking for some of the positive thing about this company i did and what i found far outweigh all this crap im reading now.

  • Ly
      27th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Their latest scam is to pretend they're actually your neighbors. I had two of them come to my door claiming that they lived 3 streets away and were "home schooled". Since my sister lives on the street they claimed to live on, I asked if they knew her. They said they knew her family well. I asked what my cousins are named since they "know them so well", they got defensive and asked, "I guess you just want us to leave, huh?". I told them it would be a good idea.

    I saw them go around the corner and get into a white van with out-of-state plates and take off. Some "neighbors". This was in Northern California, by the way.

  • Bb
      24th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    My attitude has changed for good when it comes to door-to door sales. I never answer the door and usually have my fiance' take care of it. Well, while on unemployment b/c of the lay offs I was home alone and answered the door for a young lady. She told me she was selling magazines for school tuition through the Yoli & Associates Inc. program. I never buy things this way and I did. Since being unemployed I bought the least expensive mag just to help out $39.00. This was 7/21/2011. It is now 2/2/2012 and I have yet to receive anything. I actually forgot about it... I've called twice now and they are giving me the run around. This is rediculous that they are still in business...they have an address they have a number... why are they not charged with fraud? Why are they not sued by the companies that they claim to represent in the program?

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