Yogi Singh walking in Encino, CAfortune telling scam

Wow, I'm quite amazed that this scam has happened in so many places. Today at 2pm (12/3/18) the same thing happened to me in Encino, CA. I was rushing back to work after taking my daily walk. I came upon 2 Indian gentlemen both with turbans talking. They were taking up most of the sidewalk so I said excuse me and was trying to go around them when one of them (the one with the white turban) says you have a lucky face. I said excuse me and he repeated it. Then he goes on to tell me the same thing. I say I'm really in a rush. I have to clock back in from lunch and he claims it won't take but a moment. He asked me what my favorite color is and to pick a number between 1-8. I say 7 and then he proceeds to tell me about a divorce and how I been divorced for about 3 years. I've never been married nor divorced so ERRONEOUS I saw. He ignores me and tells come January I will be so lucky but I'm still stuck on how wrong he was about the marriage stuff. He tells me people pay him anywhere from $100 - $400 and that he can read minds. I remind him that his reading was flawed and began walking away. He yells for me to open my hand and of course it says Blue and number 7. I guess that's everyone's favorite color and number but I tell him I have to really go and hand him $3 and said it's all I have. He said we can go to an ATM and I yell that I don't have time and that I just told you I'm late. I run away trying to get space between us. I get to the light and am praying it turns green before he reaches me. I see him trying to talk to some other lady putting change in the meter but she ignores him. I probably should have done the same thing but wasn't raised to be rude. Ugh!
At any rate he continues walking and catches up to me and says let me give you my number he writes Yogi Singh and 213 number. I walk away and as soon as I get to my desk I Google his name and found all these stories. The world is getting crazier by the days I tell you. Be careful not to fall for this rigged scam. Its Christmas time and we all need our little extra funds for gifts and food. Your luck comes in knowing the story ahead of time and keeping your money. I was lucky to get away with only giving him $3 but obviously others weren't so lucky. We want to trust people especially when we really could use the luck or financial blessings and we want to believe it but if he's the real thing, he wouldn't be asking for money. Right?

Dec 03, 2018

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