YMCA Tom Taylor Gig Harbor, WAYoga with Diane K.

The first time I attended her class:
The instructor arrived late, the room was freezing cold, and the music was annoying, too loud, and stayed the same throughout the entire class.
Diane insisted on the use of blocks & straps/towels whether they were needed or not. Super flexible people don't need to use blocks and in fact will come out of proper alignment if a block is used.
Too much dialogue kept us in postures for way too long.
The 2nd time I went to her class, she arrived & started late.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Gig Harbor Washington, WA One student, who had been waiting, asked "Are you the one who's always late?" implying that this may be a pattern.
Diane spent the first 10 minutes talking about why she was late. By 11:15 (the class was supposed to start at 11:00) we still hadn't even gotten to our 1st posture. Again, insisted that everyone use props, there was entirely too much talking, the room was freezing, the music was too loud, all the same, and annoying.
These were the worst yoga classes I've ever taken in all my years taking and teaching classes. This teacher should not continue teaching yoga anywhere ever.

Feb 04, 2017

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