YMCA-Bainbridge, Georgia / overtime for employees not paid

Staff, going back at least 3 years. Staff at the Bainbridge/Decatur County YMCA held multiple jobs working more than 40 hours a week. The YMCA's CEO refuse overtime pay. Example: Referee=5 hrs, Afterschool=20hrs, Life guard=22hrs, Front desk=10hrs. Minimum wage is $7.25. $7.25 x 5=$36.25; $7.25x20=$145.00; $7.25x22=$159.50; $7.25x10=$72.5 for total wages paid of $413.25.
40 regular hours x $7.25 per hour = $290 reg. pay. 57 total hours of work for the week (57-40=17 OT hrs. at $10.875 OT rate.) $10.875x17 =$184.87 OT pay. Total of $290.00 (40 hrs regular pay)+ $184.87 (overtime pay) equals $474.86. The difference is $61.63

Jul 26, 2018

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