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On 4/1/2017, we whole family suppose very happy and take flight to brunei for my daddy birthday celebration, our departure time is 6.30am, and there is no staff notice us even front desk from main mate walk to gate r19 need at least 20 over minutes even we all by run include my both parents was age 60plus! When we reached gate, the gate was closed, why there is not suppose have buffer time at least 10 mins and totally no staff at all in front counter, 2 of tourists from brunei can be witness too, the malay girl staff just lie to them ask them wait and she purposely almost 7am only came out to inform all of us go service counter and settle ourselves and before that i walk to next boarding gate and another malay lady staff very unpolite and she just ignored me and act like is not her concern at all. This all is training given by air asia coach???

Honestly for me very simple:
1)i'm always royalty client with air asia whenever i bring my families travel yearly, for my company trip by using others airline i don't have such problem in my life

2) what kind of service air asia staff given to us, no matter at boarding gate and customer service ??? We seat for complementary ???

3) when we went customer service counter, we force to buy extra 5 tickets to brunei is full, fine! Ask my 2 parent wait till & 7 plus am to 12pm and the ticket also not confirm available or not !! We have no choice and force to change whole plan to nearest brunei place - miri which is the earlier flight coz us pay extra rm2000 plus!!! And no discount at all and provide us the seat next to emergency gate door!!! Hey im paying rm300 plus one way to miri, when we request our meals bought as early at least return it back on miri flight...But your staff said what ??? No way???
Please tell me isnt this is air asia con all passenger so you all can make more profit every seconds!!! There is so many passengers miss flight like us and quite up, i have photo to proof how good business air asia at early morning .I also have photo proof the emergency seat you all provide to me with this high cost ticket! Have you all ever think all as consumer feeling !!!
3) if you complaint we are late, please to inform your system can check we already check in via online, your airport web, how come not pro like other airline company will announce flight no and client name to give final reminder !!!

I hope to hear from your management by asap, im really upset my family trip become sad trip and force us to wasting so many cost without a valid reason!!! Waste my flight ticket and hotel was booked !!


Jan 12, 2017

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