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I won’t recommend anyone to deal with the company YFashionWorld. I paid them money, but these jerks only provided fake tracking number. I waited several weeks, but they did nothing. Finally, they replied and promised to contact the USPS, but after that I never heard from them again. Total scam, so please avoid these jerks and post comments about your experience with them.

Jul 27, 2014
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  • Ma
      Oct 19, 2015

    Drar anonym!
    For you to make an accusation of this kind is simply not worth just to say that they are j you sound like a hater, , in order to make your comment valid you must present valid documentary evidence as order number, product name you acquire or at least a copy of the conversation to show where they tell you to contact UPS. 1. YFASHION world is a company based in Norway, and Norway do not establishes delivery contracts with UPS 2. The payment method established by YFW is PayPal if as you say a case has been open in PayPal and in this case a refund will be make to your account. YFW is not dedicated to mass production and they have completely control of the people who have made order from abroad and USA is not registered in their system. Apparently you are nothing but a hater that want to damage the integrity of this company. Until proven otherwise! Send all the evidence you have about you case...I'll will take contact Yanet and YFW team in Norway and will let them to know about your post here!

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  • Ly
      Oct 19, 2015

    I had the opportunity and honor to work with Yanet and I have been a customer of Yfashion world in the last three years and attest and evidence that to buy in Yfashion world is completely safety and good! I personally know Yanet the owner of this boutique and she is not exactly that person who need to deceive anyone for money, apparently you have not idea what Yfashion World is about and seems like you just hate, as this other client referred above, You should be more specific when writing these reviews, You must submit copies and documents where it is shown that what you say is true, because the hatred with which you refer to them calling them J***** only shows that you have a personal issues.
    Yfashion World is a company where you can buy safety and its owner and other employees will offer you an ecxellent and guaranteed service.
    I highly recommend everyone to buy from YFASHION Norway! Excellent people, professionals and hots
    always willing to help and they offer high quality products! Anbefales!

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