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1 87 Windsor Lane, Mulberry FL, United States
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Phone: 863-844-3938

I rented the club house at $50.00 with a $120.00 deposit fee. This was for an 18th birthday party for my niece on Saturday May 23rd 2015. I was never informed that I needed to come early to clean the club house because the cleaning crew on show up on Sundays for the next week. When I arrive to the club house it is full of candy wrappers and water bottles from other people. I took out a Wal-Mart bag of trash before I could start to decorate. The next problem was the air conditioner was set at 72 but showing 81 degrees in the club house. I had to go back to my house to bring every fan I owned and electrical cord to keep the guest cool and comfortable. Upon cleaning up after the party my husband over heard the maintenance man tell other residents that it was time for us to clean up and get out his shift was over. Upset, I called the office provided the pictures of the mess I had to clean up and they still want to continue to charge me the $50.00 for the cleaning services which I clean the club house before the party and after the party. I do not think that is a professional way to handle things. I do not plan on renting the club house again with the ordeal I had to go through. The entire management crew needs to be retained on Customer Service.

Yes Community Management/ Customer Service in Mulberry FL

Jun 1, 2015

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