Yellow ShippingSlow service

Ok, this is frustrating..I ordered a 27" RCA tv for a Christmas present from Fingerhut and received an email 3 days later saying it had shipped via yellow keep in mind I paid $100 for for that price you think it would be faster..right? wrong! The email stated it would be delivered Dec 11th..I kept track of the delivery because we live with the person the tv is for and we wanted to get it hooked up and surprise her with it when she got home from my surprise it sat in a warehouse for close to a full day before heading out on the truck..yesterday (the 11th the day it was suppose to be delivered) it shows it is here in Orlando (about an hours drive from where we live) that was at 10am yesterday morning..I thought goody, she gets her tv tonight..NOT! They don't deliver past 5pm so by 5 yesterday evening (even though the tracking # shows it was taken to the loading dock at noon) I knew it would not be delivered that day..when I got up I expected to find out the tv was on the truck and being delivered to us, as I write this, but oh no the tracking # shows the tv is STILL on the loading dock waiting to be loaded on the truck..this would not bother me had they informed us via a phone call or email as they state on their site they do if a delivery wont be made on the expected delivery date..none of us have heard anything! I have just checked and it still shows the same thing "at destination dock" it is now noon on Dec 12th..they begin their deliveries at 8am..Definitely not worth the $100 shipping fee especially if all they plan to do is remove it from the truck set it on the ground and let three petite Women attempt to lug a 100lbs plus box inside a trailer..if they were going to help us out I would not mind the delay in my shipment, but seeing as we have to do the moving ourselves I feel they have nerve being late on my delivery with 0 reasons..other then taking their own sweet time!!


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