YELLAND PARTNERS / Terrible customer service!

1 United Kingdom

Today i was tipped over the edge . Having been renting a 2 bed apartment in Sydney, along with a male friend, i have become become accustomed to being the very last priority of a real estate group, which up until a year ago i had never heard of . I have tried on many occasions to speak to both contacts of Yelland Partners, i have left messages, and finally been left extremely frustrated when they don’t have the respect or courtesy to return a call . My patience has been oozing away over the past twelve months . Recently Yelland Partners have been issued with written notice of our intention to vacate the apartment . Having been trying to locate suitable accomodation elsewhere, i left prospective real estate agents Yellands number with a view to gaining a reference for my years stay . Simple you might think ? Only today another real estate agent informed me of the rejection of my tenancy application, on the grounds that Yelland had failed to return their calls, leaving me, the tenant, back at square one . I am generally disgusted by the treatment of tenants by real estate agents, the attitude apparently being the less money you are making them the less they will help you . Enough is enough . The good people of Australia, and Sydney in particular, need to know of Yelland Partners shocking attitude, and my suggestion is, do yourself a favour, do not deal with these people, they have no interest in helping you if you are renting .I will be watching my journalist girlfriend very closely, to see what she has to say, and of course to write about YELLAND PARTNERS . You have been warned !


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