Yayasan Ortopedik / debit authorisation (dda) for kwsp

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15th October 2018
Nur Afifah Nordin - [protected], Yayasan Ortopedik

I am complaining about the service by RHB bank section 14 branch regarding Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) for KWSP from Maybank account. On July 2018, KWSP has informed that they will not receive any cheque for KWSP payment from company therefore we need to fill in the form and submit to RHB bank to activate the DDA and pay online. We submit on August 2018 at RHB bank section 14 branch and they said the procedure takes about 45 working days. On October 2018, we call RHB bank about 2-3 times to check the status and the officer said they will call back after checking the status. Until 15th October 2018, we haven't received any notification and feedback and we decided to go to KWSP because we still can't use the DDA online. The officer from KWSP suggest us to go to RHB Bank branch section 14 to check the status because they can't do anything since bank have to approve it first then the DDA will active. However, when we go to RHB bank the officer is not there and we left our phone number instead. At around 4.15pm, she called and tell us that our DDA was REJECTED by Maybank on 3/9/2018, but nobody notifies us? She also tells that Maybank already emailed us about the rejection. We then called Maybank to get the clarification on this matter. Maybank informed us that supposedly RHB Bank notified customer since Maybank already emailed RHB about the rejection. Again, I called RHB bank and talked to the same officer. She said the same thing which Maybank should emailed customer. Moreover, she said that branch will not get notification about the rejection, only HQ will receive from Maybank. But how come RHB Bank section 14 can't check the status with RHB HQ when we called them 2-3 times earlier? She then asked us to fill in new form and resubmit to RHB Bank. So, I really don't know who is responsible in this situation, so I will make a complaint to both parties RHB and Maybank. This matter is troublesome to us as we need to pay penalty to KWSP for the late payment. I hope this matter can be resolve as soon as possible.

Thank You.

Oct 16, 2018

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