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Yavitz Eye Center / Butcher My Left Eye

1 Rockford, United States Review updated:

After about one RK surgery, 3-4 eye enhanchments,
one suture and a Lasik procedure all on my left eye, my left eye has horrible accuity and sight. I have ghosting double and sometimes triple vision, starbusting and a acuity of looking through a ground glass or the bottom of a coke bottle. I am left with an irregular stigmatizim and a butchered cornea. This
doctors quality of work is atrocious. The cavalier thing about this is he offers no solution or recompense. Four other doctors have stated he was derilect
Is there any doctor out there willing, capable and
with quality in mind, willing to help me?

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  • Lo
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    The reason no one will "help" Mr. Nocchi is that they know he sued Dr. Yavitz for malpractice (and lost) and that he greatly exaggerated his symptoms. He has 20/25 vision in the left eye (20/20 right eye) and has had no loss of work, activity, driving, etc. Before his RK surgery he had 20/400 vision in each eye without glasses. They are afraid he will sue them if the corrective surgery (a wavefront LASIK or anterior corneal transplant) does not give him perfect vision.

    Note no other complaints anywhere against Yavitz after 28 years of practice.

  • So
      19th of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Ms. L people are of living flesh and blood not technical facts.
    Ms. L:),
     Ms. L, I for one have a very good perspective of what the reality is for Mr. Q. I know what the issues are with his vision far better than anyone else because I have to live with it. I find it interesting that some people as far back as the Inquisition like to be able to dictate what level of pain and suffering another is or has gone through when in fact they are not in living with that pain or suffering.
     You say the eye chart numbers of my right eye as 20/20. Numbers are meaningless unless they are related to something. If indeed I do have 20/20 vision in my right eye, all that means in percent is I have 100% but 100% of what? You know you can have 100% of garbage and it still is garbage. In actuality, my right eye is good. There is a little offset but nothing remarkable. My acuity in the right eye in my estimate is excellent. My left eye on the other hand, good grief is atrocious I have double vision always, deletions of letters and words, ghosting, waxing and waning if images. Only a drunk sailor might consider this normal or acceptable. So, even if my left eye was at 100% or in your words, 20/20, with  the acuity and other stated performances as  is, it would still be garbage only more of it. You can have 20/20 and still have poor vision.
    The contact lenses have never worked in the past (Some still give double vision or pop off). Unless, now they have something I am unaware of, which is possible. I never wore contacts in the past and all tries have been unsuccessful. Also, I went to Dr.@ to make my eyesight better not worse. I went hoping to get Lasik and he suggested this RK. My vision is totally unpredictable especially as the light changes. I often have vision which is garbage (double vision, ghosting, deletions and terrible acuity) Glasses do not correct the double vision. I spoke with other doctors that said because of my previous operations I am not a candidate for Wavefront procedures. As the light intensity increases the symptoms wax and wane. I need acuity somewhat as my right is in order to be able to function as I did in the past. As a side note, my wife had much worse eyesight than me prior to going in to RK procedure. Now she laughs because I have worse eyesight. Besides, why should I willing accept a left eye with much poorer quality that I started with?
    As far as doctors not daring working on me, No doctor would have to work on me had Dr.@ not suggested RK and then performed the procedure. There was few minutes from when Dr.@ suggested the RK procedure until he moved me across the hall to another room to perform the procedure. I had no idea what RK was. I was totally in the hands and well being of Dr.@ He cut numerous times and sutured my eye and then decided to perform Lasik which was what I asked for in the first place.
    Most people would not walk away from a mechanic performing poor car engine work that left their car in worse condition than it was when they brought in. Why, should I be expected to live with much worse eye sight from a doctor? The procedure was not necessary. Yet, he suggested and performed the procedure. Why?
    You and others have solutions. Here is my solution. Dr.@ believes my left eye is livable. I do not believe that. He had RK in his left eye. We can switch corneas. He can have mine and I will take his. This is providing he does not require contacts to see. How about it Dr.@? After all, you stated it does not matter as long as you have one good eye, the good eye will predominate.

  • On
      27th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had lasik done on my eye years ago by dr. yavitz and he messed my eye up horribly. the cornea came off on the left eye and both sides of the cornea had to be sutured on. the right eye almost came off to the point of having to suture one side on so it wouldn't come off all the way. I have terrible vision in the left eye and blurred vision in the right. I have to wear glasses and double contacts in both eyes if I want to see clearly. I went to a lawyer in Rockford within 2 years of the surgery and was shammed by the lawyer. The outfit has commercials on tv all the time now. I will not mention their name, but there are at least 6 lawyers on the commercial and 3-4 of them are related. They told me I would have to pay alot of money to get a chicago dr. to testify yavitz messed my eye up so they dropped the case. and come to find out one of the lawyers actually went to yavitz for lasik. So yes I agree with the poor guy above. And as for the comment ms.l made, she doesn't mention any reason for backing yavitz. How are her eyes. and were does she get off telling people she doesn't know how their eyes are after their surgery.

  • Jm
      4th of Apr, 2012
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    I had my eyes done by Dr. Yavitz & can say without a doubt, that it was the best money I ever spent. There are risks with every procedure, and I'm sure every case doesn't turn out perfectly. That's a risk you have to consider before having the surgery. I can say that I have been thrilled with my results.

  • Ti
      7th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Had RK by Dr Yavitz 20 years ago. Eyes are so screwed up now that there is nothing that can be done. Cannot have Lasik because Dr. Yavitz kept doing RK "enhancements" and now there is so much scarring on the corneas. I was told my best hope is for cataracts and get implants. Never told about long term effects of having RK done. Vision keeps getting worse and worse. Almost back to where I started.

  • Pe
      30th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Dr Yavitz performed RK on both eyes on March 3rd, 1991. He performed an enhancement the following week on my right eye. My vision was pretty good for about 5 years. Never 20/20, but I could read, drive watch television and love normally without the aid of glasses. Than I started having to wear reading glasses for reading and other close work. My vision has deteriorated through the years. I am now nearsighted and farsighted. I am now wearing trifocals.I have problems driving at night due to halos from oncoming cars, street lights and traffic lights. I am considering Lasik surgery in the future, but it will not be with Dr Yavitz.

  • Ya
      27th of Jan, 2015
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    These cases are about the limitations of a surgical technique from 25 years ago. RK surgery is no longer being performed. Why bust a doctor's chops for a surgery he is no longer performing? It's like complaining how you were injured by a power tool sold by Ace Hardware in 1990 so you shouldn't go to Ace Hardware for power tools today. As the reasonable patient said, no surgery is perfect and without any complications. Surgical techniques improve and change over time to become ever more safe and effective. But none are ever perfect and without any risk. Unexpected healing with poor results can happen to the best surgeons and to the nicest people; fortunately, it is extremely rare with this type of surgery. That is why hundreds of thousands of people still have it done every year.

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