Yardworks / replacing a lawnmower battery

I purchased a battery operated lawnmower on Feb 03/2013. I have since needed 2 batteries and was lucky to get a replacement for the first malfunctioned battery and I had to pay paid for the 2nd battery.
My next complaint is my neighbor bought the same model 2014. I called 4 times for our elderly neighbor last year 2017 and was told the battery was on back order all summer season. I had to cut her lawn all summer. Just called today June 1 2018 and apparently their is now no replacement or compatible battery. Neighbor is stuck with her lawnmower and with no battery. Hoping Yardworks will understand and provide some compensation for both of us. Love Canadian Tire otherwise.

Battery Product Code [protected] Serial number CTS 0611176

Jun 01, 2018

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