Yard signs LLC / It was a total loss of time and money

1 United States

I ordered sings on 7/27/11 and waited for order for 1.5 months (had called 2-3 times and was told it was on the way). I received the wrong signs. I called and told them they send the wrong signs design (something I never ordered). I Then called and asked for replacements. Waited another month. All the while I placed calls asking for my order and was told that it was on its way. Finally, I called and cancelled the order. They told me the refund would be on the mail if I returned the wires. I returned the wires and waited. In the meantime all returns were out of pocket costs to me because they did not have the decency to send return labels. On Jan, 2012 I called to find out about my refund. They told me they never got the signs or wires and that I would not be refunded. I provided evidence of shipment and still they did not refund my money. It was a total loss of time and money. I got took. The company management of yard signs llc (he does not care). Avoid this company.


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