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I got their contact last month from an ad posted at a local Chinese supermarket. The contractor by name Ming came in to give estimate for 60 pot lights. he seemed like a nice guy, thorough professional. He came in and installed the pot lights all over my main floor. My wife was home when he finished the job and took the full payment before installing them. He insisted on cash only.

I got home in the evening and to my shock none of the bulbs dimmed and began flashing as i started to dim. They were so bright I could not even leave them as it looked like broad day light even at night.

I called the contractor and the number was not in service. Went to the supermarket and they said they had no clue as lot of service guys post their ads which was true. Googled and no company by that name showed up.The bulb itself had no company name either.

Beware of such fraudsters everyone. Check their licences and always keep track of payment. My $3300 loss was one thing. I had to replace all the lights, hiring another contractor and opted for $1.00 Costco bulbs that had no issues.

Yao Electrical & Construction Ltd.
Yao Electrical & Construction Ltd.

May 06, 2017

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