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YanYan Sun AKA Jessica Sun / unethical behavior

1 Fremont, CA, United States

Hello Public My name is John Xu, in about 2012 I met Yan Yan Sun and Helen Jiang at a Class called e-Fortune in Milpitas California, learning how to make money, shortly after this lady name Yan Yan Sun AKA Jessica Sun start passing a notebook and get everyone's name and contact info, then I was one of the person received a phone call from Yan Yan Sun AKA Jessica Sun, she asked me to meet with her and long story short, I was signed with with a company called ACN, I love the company and everything is great, then Jessica Sun suddenly disappeared for awhile, later i found out she wasn't even a IBO with the company, she used Helen's Name and lie to everyone she is a RD with the company, I also know that Jessica Sun is promised everyone to give them reps, later on i found out i was placed under a person name Jae Huang who is a TC that doesn't know how to do business in a ethical way, he used his team member's credit card and got them qualified without telling them, after the lady found out her card was used by Jae then trying to Sue him then Jae paid that lady back but this is a unethical behavior, Jae and Jessica in the bayarea are making ACN look bad and Make Chinese Community look bad also. Jessica Sun showing everyone how much money she have made and that account is not even under Jessica Sun's Name, again unethical, Jessica Sun stole Reps from her own team, asked them to use family member's name or friend's name to restart the ACN business, I hope ACN should do something about it, having this type of person in the business just makes everyone look bad, Now Jessica and Jae are leaving the entire TC team and have Jae building a new one which I don't think Jae have what it takes and Jessica might using the same way to stack many reps under Jae and maybe even Customer Points which is unethical behavior again. If anyone some how got approached by either Jae or Yan Yan Sun AKA Jessica Sun, please do not believe them and do not Join ACN under them, there are many ethical Teams, Yan Yan Sun AKA Jessica Sun blame all of her problems to her upline, this is a very unethical behavior. Recently I saw on the ACN FB PG and realized Yan Yan Sun AKA Jessica went on to the company retreat with Helen Jiang, I think that's wrong, promote someone who is not a RD and is only a ETL and lie to their team is a unethical behavior. I love the ACN company but often times people like Yan Yan Sun AKA Jessica Sun and Jae Huang are giving good companies like ACN a bad name. let's not join Jessica and Jae so you won't get lie to or empty promise or even Scam, because Jae and Jessica are very good at using other people's Credit Card, although They're trying to pay back but that's not the point, the point is they are using people's credit card without telling them and this is a unethical behavior. They should be taking to Jail for such a action.

May 16, 2013

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