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I inquire about a blanket to be used for the first class seat on a famous train KSA. I talked to Mr Hua, at first I have already doubted your commitment to my project because he replies a day after my inquiry, but since one of our friends recommended him I took that chance. He asked me to send out a sample to MAKE SURE that his factory can copy the items I requested so I sent it out right away. I told Mr Hua that I need to have his sample on or before June 1st. He said OK. June 1st came, I asked where my sample is at, he said that they are still making it, which is a bad news for me because my client is already starting to collect samples and will soon close the bidding for it.

I received the sample and it was hideous. Ugly. Not executed well. The finishing is so so so BAD. Mind you I paid for 3 samples but Mr Hua only sent me one. See attached photos so you can see how bad it looks:

I told Mr Hua my worries. I told him that the sample is ugly and I cannot send it to my client looking like this. He said he can remake, I can agree to remake the sample if we have time. My client is no longer accepting samples so even if we remake and send them a better version of the sample they will not going to accept it, it's going to be useless to make another one.

I told Mr Hua about this and I ask him to send back the 1500 (220) RMB that I paid for the sample, he said that he has paid the dyeing and embroidering fee. I told him to take 300RMB for this, but he wants to take 1200 (170RMB) and give me back 300RM (50) ONLY.

I just want to make everyone here to beware of this factory. They are scammers, and they are not good for business because they will delay your project and will just give you lame excuses. This [censor] even blocked me for the reason that I am asking him to send back my money.

Again, please do not associate yourself with this supplier. They are a pain in the neck.

Yancheng Dongyangjia Jewelry Co., Ltd 盐城东洋家饰品有限公司
Yancheng Dongyangjia Jewelry Co., Ltd 盐城东洋家饰品有限公司
Yancheng Dongyangjia Jewelry Co., Ltd 盐城东洋家饰品有限公司
Yancheng Dongyangjia Jewelry Co., Ltd 盐城东洋家饰品有限公司

Jun 16, 2017

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